Independence from Financial Burdens with a Health Insurance

Throughout our lives, we strive hard to earn, save and invest for the future, precisely to ensure a happy and self-sufficient retired life. As we age, our busy and erratic lifestyles invite health problems which steadily aggravate to become major illnesses later on.

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How To Get Your AADHAR Number and PAN Number Linked To Insurance Policy?

As per the recent trends, the authorities are relentless in reminding us constantly to link our AADHAAR number with our bank accounts to enjoy continued services. Government has issued a directive which mandates linking AADHAR number with all financial services being availed.

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HDFC ERGO, country’s third largest non-life insurance provider in the private sector, announced that it has entered in into a strategic agreement with ItzCash (also known as ITIPL i.e. Interactive Tradex India Pvt. Ltd.),

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We receive about 89% of the business through digital channels: HDFC ERGO's Mehmood Mansoori

Insurance is about effective Data mining and Data Analytics,which provide various insights into customer demographics (Behavior, preferences etc.),experience,product performance and the correlation between these factors.

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Educate Kids On Insurance Early

Have you ever sat down with your children to ask - what if we were to lose our home or a car in a natural calamity? What would they do if you were to fall sick and become incapacitated?

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Today’s new age consumer lives in cyber space with their entire world squeezed-in on their smart phones. Right from business to entertainment, all rests in these small devices. Their interaction with the world is now largely reduced to these devices.

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Digital Transformation in Insurance

Digital Transformation is the current global buzz and it’s envisaged to have a radical impact on the Insurance sector. Insurers worldwide are creating quantifiable value for their businesses by increasingly using digital tools and technology in innovative ways.

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Disruptive Technologies: Creating New Customer Experience Management Opportunities

Customer Experience Management is a good example where art and science converge very well. Empathy with the customer, service at the drop of a hat, single window and accessibility anytime anywhere are hygiene in Customer Experience Management.

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Say Hello to Alexa with HDFC ERGO General Insurance!

In the era of fastest technological growth and rapid scale in the field of enhance customer assistance, HDFC ERGO has etched a new trend for easy interaction and simplifying insurance understand. Embracing technology and advancement

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