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Insurance ideal for big budget Saat-Phere & Shamiana

With all the big budgets and destination wedding, Wedding insurance is gradually getting popular in India. Today wedding insurance is being done only for big budget weddings.

Wedding is an auspicious event, which carries high emotions, feelings, aspirations, tradition, and above all, it is a beginning of a new era in the couple's life. And no beginning should have hiccups. Whether the wedding budget is Rs 20 lakh or Rs 2 crore or Rs 20 crore, the importance of insuring the event should be paramount.

For wedding events one need to factor Natural calamities, burglary or thefts as such mishaps don’t depend on the size of the wedding, they just happen.

Today HDFC ERGO offers wedding insurance / event insurance which takes care of such mishaps such as:

  • Cancellation or re-scheduling due to unforeseen events like natural calamities

  • Damage to the venue due to cyclones, floods or even fire

  • Cancellation due to a major accident involving the bride, groom or immediate family member

  • Insurance can cover burglary or theft, involving money and other valuables

  • Any legal liability arising out of bodily injury or illness to a third party individual or property can also be insured

Public liability cover can bail you out in case of any legal liability arising out of injury to a third-party or property. There is cover against food poisoning too, which comes under public liability clause.

Premium calculations for such events are based on the type of venue, contingency plans, duration of the event, the organizing costs etc. Wedding Insurance can can be taken for the duration of the wedding and can be taken upto a week prior to the wedding.

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