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Why do I need Comprehensive cover for Car Insurance?

When you spend lakhs together of your hard-earned money towards buying that car you always wanted, it only makes sense that you invest wisely in car insurance. As the old saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” When you invest in comprehensive car insurance at HDFC ERGO, you can be assured complete peace of mind!

Need for Comprehensive Car Insurance

According to the Motor Vehicles Act (1939), third party insurance is a mandate for all vehicles plying on the road. This legislation ensures that in the event of an accident, losses and damages to by standing third parties are covered. However, this does not cover damages to your own vehicle, leaving your vehicle vulnerable in the event of an accident. This could mean that you may have to end up shelling thousands of Rupees towards repair and replacement.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

To ensure that your cherished car is protected from any risk of loss or damage, it is wise to invest in comprehensive car insurance policies. Comprehensive car insurance policies not only provide cover against own damage to your vehicle but also includes third party cover.


HDFC ERGO provides some of the best comprehensive policiesfor cars. Read on to know more the different components of coverage:

Own damage component of the plan covers the following risks:

  • External accidents

  • Theft and burglary

  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition and lightning

  • Terrorism, riots and malicious acts

  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, landslides and storms

  • Personal accident component that covers cost incurred due to medical treatment of driver. Other occupants can also be covered at additional premium.

  • Third party liability component covers accidental death and damage to third party and damage to property owned by third party.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

There are many benefits that customers are privy to when they purchase comprehensive car insurance policies at HDFC ERGO.

Easy online purchase: Online purchase of car insurance is easier than ever on HDFC ERGO’s webpage!

Cashless claim service: With a wide network of more than 5300+ garages, claim settlement is a breeze!

Instant policy documentation: Hassle-free policy documentation at the click of a button.

Amazing discounts: Up to 60% discount for cars ageing 5 years and more.

Zero Depreciation claims: For a nominal additional premium, avail the benefits of claim without depreciation. This means that the entire cost of damage will be borne by HDFC ERGO, resulting in complete reimbursement! This add on cover is only for upto 5 years old vehicles

Round-the-clock support: 24x7 customer support to ensure smooth and hassle-free claim settlement!

With so many benefits, HDFC ERGO makes an offer that you simply can’t refuse! Look no further than here for all your car insurance needs!

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