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Where To Get Car Insurance From - Online/Agency Or Agents?

“So after depreciating against the IDV, looking at your history of NCBs and accounting for CGST, SGST and service tax, your premium amount for the renewal of your car insurance will be….”

As your car insurance agent crunches these numbers on the calculator and delivers the verdict, you can’t help but be worried about the staggering figure and worse still, you don’t have the faintest clue as to what any of those abbreviations (except GST of course) stand for.

Most of us find ourselves in this predicament far too often simply because we don’t know what channels are available when it comes to getting our car insurance. Let’s discuss who wins the race – car insurance broker vs agent or car insurance online.

Buying car insurance OnlinevsAgents

Though we spend most of our waking lives on the Internet these days, we Indian still like to feel, touch and buy. What we fail to realize is that buying car insurance online is the most direct and hassle-free way of getting our car insurance sorted.

Companies are more than happy to offer lower premiums to customers who avail their online services because they don’t have to worry paying commissions to their agents and sorting out paperwork. You can compare different products and get first-hand information from the brand directly.

Also, you can get secure payments done almost instantly while agents may require at least 2 – 3 working days to process your payment.However, online does mean that during the time of claim settlement, you could be overwhelmed without the personal customer service offered by the agents and brokers.

Car Insurance Brokervs Agents

Insurance agents of a particular have a thorough knowledge of all the plans the company has to offer. They provide exceptional customer support during claim settlement since they usually spend a lot of time and energy in relationship building and fact-finding. On the other hand, brokers can suggest plans across the board. They can help you choose a plan that is best suited for your specific car insurance needs. Since they handle multiple companies, they may not know the in and out of all of them.

Once you weigh up the pros and cons overall, the online channel has obvious attractive tie-breakers like:

  • Low premiums

  • Secure payments

  • Transparency

  • Instant policy documentation

No matter what channel you may choose, the experts at HDFC ERGOcan help you navigate through the maze that is car insurance. With claim settlements within 24 hours, 24x7 customer support and more than 75 lakh customers, you can rest assured that the people at HDFC ERGOhave got you covered!

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