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Steps To Follow While Dealing With Car Insurance Claim Inspection

At that moment when your vehicle meets with an accident you turn on the panic mode. But wait! Instead of panicking do the following

Check if your vehicle is in driving condition or not?

It is recommended not to drive if the damages are interfering with vehicle’s smooth operation.

Check your policy for emergency assistance cover. If yes, then call for the Emergency Assistance Services to tow your vehicles to the nearest Garage.

On reaching the garage call your insurance company to notify the accident.

Car insurance claim procedure

Post your accident notification vehicle inspection will be conducted within Business 6 hours.

The surveyor will inspect the vehicle to understand the extent of damages, based on inspection Surveyor will also perform a background check to ensure there are no pre-existing damages. The Surveyor also are alert for any fraudulent intents which at times are plotted by the Garages without any knowledge to the Customer, on identification of which the claim could be disqualified. Hence, it would be wise to follow the claim progress closely and be honest with the car inspector and disclose the facts as they were to help him get to the assessment promptly. The main purpose of inspection at the time of getting repair is also essential to get an estimate of how much the damage repair cost would lead to.

To get the vehicle insurance inspection done right, the inspector might also collect photographic evidences. This is the usual norm for following car insurance claim process in India. Post completing the inspection the inspector will tell you the estimate amount that the insurer will pay for your damages and rest of the amount or consumable cost has to be borne by you. If you agree upon that the insurer will pay the amount directly to the garage if it’s a network linked garage or you can pay the bills and get reimbursement from your insurer on the agreed upon value.

To ensure a smooth claim process, it is important to get comprehensive car insurance from a reputed brand which has high claim settlement ratio and ample of network garages to avail cashless benefits. HDFC ERGO Car Insurance is one of the trust worthy insurance company in India.

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