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Renewing your Car Insurance-Get an Engine Protect cover

What is Engine Protection Cover?

As the name suggests, the engine protection cover safeguards you financially against any losses that may arise due to the repair of a damaged engine. The engine of a car is its most important part and damage to the engine due to water ingression, hydrostatic lock (attempting to start a wet engine), leakage of lubricating oil, or any other physical damage, is covered under engine protection cover.

The repairs or replacement of a car engine may cost you quite a lot if it remains uninsured as comprehensive car insurance doesn’t cover it. Damages to the engine are often classified as consequential damages in case of a mishap and are not covered unless you have taken the engine protection cover as an add-on.

Why is Engine Protection Cover Crucial in Monsoons?

In places where it rains a lot or chances of roads getting flooded are high, it is crucial to take the engine protection cover as an add-on to your comprehensive car insurance. The car engine gives life to your car, and in cases where the roads get flooded often, the chances of water entering the engine compartment are high, which may prove fatal to your engine especially in case of a hydrostatic lock. Damages of such nature, which are caused by water logging, are not covered in a normal comprehensive car insurance policy.

So, rather than regretting it later, you should take the engine protection cover before the onset of monsoons. Avoid burning a hole in your pocket after the engine gets damaged! You can get this crucial engine protection cover by paying just a little extra premium.

Features of Engine Protection Cover

An engine protection cover has the following components:

  • It covers the repair and replacement costs of engine parts like crankshaft, piston, cylinder, etc.

  • Repair and replacement costs of gearbox parts are also included.

  • Labour costs associated with the repair of engine and/or the gearbox, are covered.

  • Costs of consumables during the repair are included too.

The benefit of having this add-on is that, the most important parts of your car, i.e. the engine and the gear box, are covered against any repair or replacement costs following any damage or mishap. The engine parts are the most expensive parts as they act as the lifeline of the car. So, without this add-on, you may end up paying hefty bills for the repairs, despite having a comprehensive car insurance policy.

It is also important to know the exclusions of the engine protection cover add-on. Any damages to car parts other than the engine and the gear box are not covered by it. Also, regular wear and tear is not included in the engine protection cover. In case your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, the same will not be covered.


Since the engine is an integral part of your car and repairs in case of water ingression or such can be expensive, get an engine protection add-on when you renew car insurance. If you are taking a car insurance plan for the first time, compare various providers and read the terms and conditions carefully, before you decide to go with one.

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