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Petrol vs. Diesel Car What’s Your Pick

It’s a great debate raging at all times… when buying a car we are confronted with eternal confusion on whether to buy a petrol variant or the diesel variant. Owning a petrol car is associated with fun whereas a diesel car is seen to be economical. Whichever car you choose never forget to buy a good car insurance and also consider Add-On’s which can help you in getting complete protection for your car, also getting car insurance renewal on time is equally important to ensured continued coverage.

Let’s discuss some factors which can help you make the choice..

  • Average Monthly/ Daily Travel : If the distance you travel is less or you commute only short distance then petrol car can be preferred but if you travel long distance then diesel variant is a better choice.

  • Maintenance: The costs of servicing a diesel car or the petrol car are the same but the components of diesel car are more costly in comparison to patrol car components. Therefore over the life of the car the diesel variant would cost you more than the petrol variant.

  • Cost: Diesel variant of the car is more expensive in comparison to the petrol variant having the same specifications. The difference can range to north of Rs 1 lakh but it has also been seen that diesel cars last longer and depreciates slower which makes them the first choice for long distance commuting customers.

  • Mileage: Diesel cars offer better mileage in comparison to the petrol cars as diesel engine does not need a spark plug, but with increasing cost of cars, the period in which this can be recovered has increased.

  • Resale Value: In the domestic car market in India, diesel cars have a higher resale value in comparison to the petrol variant. Also, the depreciation of the diesel cars is lower in comparison to the petrol variant.

  • Insurance: The higher the value of car higher the cost of insurance, this could be in the range of 10 to 15% higher for the diesel car in comparison to the petrol car. The higher cost of components of diesel car and extra  cost of replacement in event of theft of the car can be a factor for higher car insurance premium

  • Pollution: Quality of the air we breathe has been deteriorating on a daily basis; we should all do our bit in attempting the change the scenario. Diesel cars produce less carbon dioxide but more of pollutants particulate matter, petrol variant produces less of particulate matter in comparison, considering the health impact these particulate matter have on the health, petrol car could come up as a wiser choice.

  • Noise: Petrol cars produce less noise as they produce less cabin vibration and engine noise but the diesel cars are lot noisier.

Whether we buy a diesel car or a petrol car, we need to be responsible driver and should have a valid car insurance at all times, also as per the Supreme Court of India order any car purchased after September 1, 2018 should have a third party insurance plan valid for three years.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales

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