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Learn about car insurance claims without driving license and RC

Published on August 10, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

For the purchase of a car insurance policy, there are some fundamental documents such as driving license and registration certificate (RC) of your car. Ideally, you will need these documents to raise a claim. However, there can be some circumstances where car insurance claims can be raised and even settled without the need for these documents.

Now, let us have a look at how.

Car insurance claims without Driving License, or RC

Raising a car insurance claim without a driving license is feasible whereas a car insurance claim can be raised without an RC based upon the terms, conditions, and the complexity of the situation.

  • As you know, a driving license would not be needed to purchase a car. The basic concept behind this would be you can buy a car and hire a driver to drive it. However, the driver you are hiring must have a valid driving license.

  • Moreover, this can be feasible when you are a vintage car collector or an enthusiast. You may not be driving the vintage car, but you enjoy the pride in being its owner. Since you would not drive it, there's no need for a license, but insurance can be obtained.

  • In a scenario where you have a four-wheeler driving license, but it is suspended due to any valid reason. However, you can still purchase a four-wheeler and have insurance for it.

  • Also, there can be a substantial time frame in between the purchase of your car and obtaining your Registration Certificate. Within this period, car insurance claims can be done without an RC.

In case of a comprehensive car insurance policy, you would not be facing many issues related to insurance claims without driving license or RC. You can purchase the Loss of License or RC add-on along with your comprehensive car insurance policy if you have lost some crucial documents.

Benefits of the Loss of License/RC add-on

  • By opting for the Loss of License or RC add-on, you can receive monetary compensation if any of your crucial documents have been lost.

  • This add-on cover can be added to your car insurance policy at a nominal cost.

  • For the purchase of this add-on, there is a need for the submission of an FIR and so, this add-on would help make the overall claim settlement.

How can the Loss of License or RC add-on be purchased?

To avail of the benefits of the Loss of License/RC add-on cover, you would have to pay an extra premium. You can include this add-on along with your car insurance policy either by purchasing it by online means or by offline means.

As a part of this coverage, your insurance providers would help you by compensating for the loss or theft of driving license or registration certificate within the term of the insurance policy.

What to do when you have lost your driving license or RC?

Driving license and registration certificate are important documents. Once these documents are lost, you would have to apply for the duplicate of these documents immediately.

  • You would have to approach your nearby police station and lodge an FIR.

  • You can approach the nearest RTO and make requests for duplicate driving license or RC forms.

  • You would have to fill the application form and submit them along with the FIR and other supporting documents.

  • You must pay the processing fees and obtain your duplicate documents through the post.


So, now you know that if your driving license or RC is lost or misplaced, you can still make car insurance claims and can also obtain a duplicate of your lost documents easily.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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