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How to Take Care of Your Car in Winter

A dip in temperature may bring relief from the heat in many parts of India. Sadly, the winter season spells more harm than good as far as vehicles are concerned. The winter may have a negative impact on your car, thereby forcing you to make out-of-pocket expenses in case of any damage.

Following are five major effects the winter season may have on your vehicle.

1. Poor visibility

The winter season often causes your windshield to get fogged up from inside. Poor visibility on the outside reduces the driver’s ability to observe the road. This is indeed a hazard when driving. To avoid accidents due to poor visibility, always keep your fog lights and parking lights on.

2. Skidding issues

The probability of your car skidding is high in the winter season. Skids are likely to occur at curves and turns, thereby increasing the risk of accidents. To avoid this, opt for winter rims and defender tires for prevention against skidding while driving on snow frozen roads. 

3. Engine ignition problems

It is a well-known fact that the engine oil begins to thicken during cold climatic conditions. The oil therefore does not flow well through the engine parts, making it difficult to start the car. Besides, cold weather causes the chemical battery in your car to produce less current. Changing the battery or try replacing the ignition switch and key tumbler assembly.

4. Wear and tear of tires

The cold has a major impact on the tire pressure, thereby leading to premature wear and tear. You may have to replace your tire or bear the expenses to repair your existing tires.

5. Chances of accident due to fog

Fog makes it difficult to drive on roads. It contributes to fatalities and accidents, which may result in severe damage not only to the car, but also to the passengers in the vehicle. To avoid accidents due to fog, always keep your fog lights and parking lights on.

Tips to minimize the negative impact of winter on your car

In order to ensure that you remain safe during the cold season, follow the below mentioned three tips:

1. Drive only when necessary

In an event of bad visibility, it is advised to stay indoors till the weather condition improves. Driving in extreme bad weather conditions increases the risk of accidents. It is, therefore, advised to drive only when necessary.

2. Keep your distance

Keeping adequate distance between your car and the vehicle in front will help minimize the impact of an accident, if any. This will help you stop your car on time in case a stationary car appears in front of you from a distance.

3. Warm the engine battery

If you notice that your car’s engine sounds slower than normal, warm the battery. You may also check the clamps for corrosion. Corroded clamps and cracked cables impede the flow of electricity, thus causing your engine to function at a lower rate.

4. Car insurance role and benefit

The winter season may have a damaging effect on your vehicle. Though you may take the necessary steps to minimize the negative impact, your vehicle is prone to accidents due to fog and road blockages.  For this purpose, invest in an auto insurance plan, so that in case of an unfortunate accident due to natural calamity your repair cost gets covered.

Choose Comprehensive Policy along with Add On Covers

As the name suggests, comprehensive cover means extensive coverage to both parties involved in an accident. Such an insurance plan provides personal accident protection, coverage for damages to the vehicle, as well as legal liability to the third party. You may also seek additional coverage by opting for riders, such as zero depreciation rider, engine protection cover, and accessories cover, besides many others. This type of insurance plan offers end-to-end coverage and hence, is a popular insurance plan.

Add On Covers

Add on covers are additional covers that strengthens your policy by offering enhanced benefits and wide coverage at an additional premium amount.

  • Zero Depreciation Claim

    Provides benefits against depreciation on parts at the time of a partial loss claim

    What’s not covered?

    Tire & battery costs

  • Loss of Use / Down Time Protection

    HDFC ERGO Loss of User or Down time protection add-on policy reimburses a daily benefit towards the cost of alternate means of transport for the duration the insured vehicle is repaired or replaced.

  • Engine and Gear Box Protection Cover

    It secures your car against any damage to engine & gear box against unpredictable weather or incessant rains. This add on cover is a savior and comes to your rescue especially during unpredictable weather conditions.

  • Emergency Assistance Service Program

    This add-on cover helps you deal with any mechanical or technical breakdown or road accident. It aims at providing round the clock road assistance for a pleasurable driving experience. Further it has a bouquet of services which includes tire replacement cover, towing of vehicle to the nearest garage, emergency fuel delivery, battery jump start, accommodation arrangement, alternate travel arrangement, minor repairs on the spot etc.

  • Emergency Assistance Wider Cover

    This add-on assists when the keys of the insured vehicle are lost, misplaced or stolen. In such a scenario buying a new key may be cumbersome; under such circumstances we issue you a new set of keys subject to submission of police report.

Car insurance benefits are many. It offers financial protection against out-of-pocket expenses. In case of any damage to the vehicle, your insurance provider will cover the costs. Besides, the insurer will also pay for any medical expenses in case of an accident.

The features and benefits of car insurance vary from one policy to other. Compare various plans and make a choice based on your needs and requirements. Doing so will reduce your financial losses in case of any untoward incident during the winter season.

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