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How to keep your motor insured while relocating?

Work and family commitments always keep us on the toes. One often keeps getting transferred from one city to another it’s quite common these days. While relocating you often have to take your vehicle along with to avoid discomfort of public transport commuting. The process of relocation may invite certain hassles; however your vehicle relocation can be done easily by following simple steps. Motor Insurance policy can be easily transferred so that you can make claims easily in case of an unfortunate accident that takes place in the new city.

Transit of your vehicle is covered under comprehensive policy. There is no need to transfer the insurance if you change the location. Location should be within the geographies of Indian territory.

What happens to motor insurance while relocating?

Usually if you are driving or riding across a new state for more than a year your registration number can remain unchanged. However, if you are permanently relocating to a new state then you have to change the registration details. Before that get a NOC (No objection certificate) from current RTO (Regional transport Office) so that you can present the same to get a new registration number from your new RTO.

Steps to take in regard of your motor insurance

Submit re-registration documents for policy continuation: Update your vehicle details and communication details like address and mobile number to receive timely updates.

Continue coverage and enjoy benefits: You can also recheck your coverage, inclusion and exclusion. Once checked you can continue enjoying your benefit and no claim bonus. Get Motor Insurance add on covers like engine and gear box protection if your area is prone to flood.

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