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Effect of Policy Expiry on Car Insurance Renewal

Insurance is your best protection against an unforeseen incident that may result in damages to your car. Renewing the insurance policy is essential and also crucial for protecting your car, loved ones, and you against any possible eventualities.

Car insurance renewal

The process for car insurance renewal is simple and may be done either online or through an agent. At the time of renewal, you may switch to another insurer in case you receive a better option. The entire procedure is quick and easy when you do it before the expiry date.

There are several reasons why you may have not renewed the car insurance policy prior to its expiry. These may include a sudden illness, travel, emergency situation, or hectic work schedule. You may need to put in some additional efforts to renew expired car insurance. However, it is nothing to fret about. Here is the procedure for the same.

Steps to renew an expired policy

You may renew car insurance online to avoid further delay. Here are the four steps to complete the renewal process.

  • You must research different plans based on your car details such as age, model, and make and choose the best policy.

  • Once you make a decision, you will have to book an appointment for inspection.

  • An insurance company representative will review and inspect your car for any damages before determining your eligibility.

  • It is important you buy the policy immediately on the completion of the survey because the results are valid only for a short period of time.

There is when you renew lapsed car insurance policy online. It reduces your time and efforts. The entire procedure is quick and safe. You do not have to wait and you may buy the policy instantly as per your convenience.

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