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Driving innovation: How self-driven cars will transform our world?

Necessity is the mother of invention and great technological inventions are taking place across the globe, aiming to make life more comfortable. The concept of driverless car is all set to revolutionise how we commute. Sometimes also referred as an autonomous or self-driving car, it is a vehicle that doesn’t require a human driver to run it. These cars can operate on their own by sensing the environment with the same expertise as a trained driver. But this doesn’t mean you can ignore to buy comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle. In case of any repair or replacement of parts, the car insurance policy will take care of all the expenses.

5 Ways Driverless Cars are set to Change the World

  • Fewer accidents: As the number of driverless cars would increase, the occurrences of fatal accidents will decrease. An autonomous car will be programmed to operate only within traffic rules and employ all safety precautions to never put the passengers’ lives at risk at any point. The cases of drunk driving will also come down to zero. In India, road rage is a major issue. Often heated arguments lead to violence or total chaos on the road. But with intelligent machines driving your car, all traffic regulations will be followed leaving no room for altercations.

  • Lower expenses: Since these cars will prevent us from accidents and make our roads safer, they will automatically save us money that we spend on repairs and replacements after a mishap. The cost of car insurance may also decrease drastically as the chances of causing harm to any third-party would be negligible.

  • Cities will be planned differently: Urban planners and architects will have the massive task of designing cities and complexes in accordance with the changes ushered in by driverless cars. Since these cars would drop the passenger and move ahead, there would be a lesser need for parking space in residential complexes, malls, offices, etc. The planners can use this space to build something more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Empower people: : These cars will help many people become less dependent on others and live life with more dignity. Today, so many people can’t drive around a car because of their age or illness or disability and constantly have to rely on another person to transport them from one place to another. Driverless cars will transform their lives.

  • Creation of more jobs: There is a genuine fear that automation will make many jobs obsolete, especially the taxi industry. However, at the same time, these cars free up our hundreds of hours that are wasted in commuting. The additional time can be used by genius minds to create other relevant jobs. Yes, the skills set required, will be different, but then who knows more about evolution than humans!    


If you don’t own a car yet, then maybe you should wait for a year or two as several automobile manufacturers and technology giants are busy perfecting their driverless cars that will change the face of personal mobility in times to come. These cars promise to make our rides safer and our journey faster when they hit the road. However, make sure you have a motor insurance that will help you stay financially prepared during any emergency.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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