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Dos and Don’ts of restarting your car after lockdown

Published on May 29, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Even as a pandemic has gripped the nation in its deadly clutches, after months of the Covid 19 lockdown, India is slowly coming back to normalcy. While being holed up at home is the best we can do for ourselves, your car will face the brunt of sitting idle in the parking lot. The lockdown forced us to stay indoors but it is being relaxed gradually. Zones which are not severely impacted by Coronavirus have now relaxed the rules and allowed vehicular motion with some protocol in place. So if you reside in a green zone, you have got the green signal to tke your car out of its hibernation. But before you take your car out after this long hiatus, it is imperative to take a few precautionary measures so as to ensure the vehicle operates safely and optimally. Here we have listed some dos and don’ts of restarting your car after the lockdown. Ranging from how to start your car engine to ensuring your tyres are inflated enough, all your car worries are solved right here:


  • Do check the fluid levels- Before starting the car look beneath it for any oil spills or leaks. Then check the engine oil, brake & clutch and coolant level and top up if necessary.

  • Do inspect the belts and Wires- Do a thorough check of the electrical wires, and the AC belt. Rubber parts tend to crack or harden while belts tend to slack, so ensure your technician checks the belts and their tension.

  • Do inflate tyres to correct air pressure- The dealer's roadside service vehicle should have a portable air compressor, which can be used to inflate the tyres if needed.

  • Do spray an anti-rust spray- Liberally spray it in the engine compartment and on all electrical connectors. An anti-rust spray will help remove moisture, grime and dirt and is commonly available automotive spare part shops.


  • Don't completely drain the battery- In case your car does not start at the first or second attempt, don't keep cranking the engine, because it can completely drain the battery. Use the jump start method if you have jumper cables, if not, push the car and crank the engine once you have gained ample momentum. A partially or even substantially drained battery can be jump-started with cables connecting it to another vehicle's battery of similar voltage.

  • Don't drive with underinflated tyres- It is highly likely that your car tyres are deflated or underinflated since your car has been stationary since a while. Do a visual examination to check if the tyres seem underinflated, if yes replace with a spare tyre or call for assistance. As driving with underinflated can damage them permanently.

  • Don't race or rev a cold engine- If your car starts in the first or second attempt, resist putting your foot down on the accelerator immediately. This can cause friction in the internal components and lead to severe damage.

  • Don't forget to ventilate and clean the car- Use a micro-fibre cloth to ensure thorough cleaning and proceed to sanitize the car and its interiors before you start use.

The novel coronavirus may brought the world to its knees but we are slowly and steadily getting back to our feet and getting back to our normal routines. However one should note that as per law, motor insurance is mandatory for all the vehicles plying on the road.

Disclaimer:  The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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