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Checklist before starting your car after the lockdown

Published on October 17, 2020. EST READ TIME: 3 MIN

Since your car has not been used for a long duration, you must get it ready to run perfectly now with the unlock phase starting gradually. Along with giving importance to checking various parts of the vehicle, you must also ensure that your car has a valid car insurance policy. Comprehensive car insurance policy would provide coverage for any damages caused to third party vehicles or persons and would also cover own damages caused to the car due to any unfortunate incidents.  In addition to that, add-on covers can be included in your car insurance policy to increase the scope of the coverage. Some popular add-ons like break down assistance, key replacement cover, no claim bonus cover, engine protection cover, etc. can be included in your insurance policy to enhance the protection of your car.

Things to check in your car post-lockdown

Let us have a look at some of the major things, which you must check before starting your car.

  • Check the level of engine oil - Before starting your car after the lockdown, you must check for any oil spills or leaks. Perform the dipstick test to know about the level of engine oil and make sure to top up the engine oil if required.

  • Check the coolant level - You must check the level of the coolant visually and should ensure that the level of coolant present is accurate, according to the minimum level, which is marked on the coolant reservoir.

  • Check brake, clutch, and the transmission fluid - You should also check the brake, clutch, and the transmission fluid in the car. It is quite unlikely for these fluids to get depleted unless there is any leakage or issue of irregular servicing. The brake fluid must be up to the level marked on the brake fluid reservoir whereas you must contact a professional to check the transmission fluids.

  • Belts, hose, and wires - You should not forget to do a thorough check of the hoses, wires, and the AC belts on your car. The hoses are made up of rubber and tend to crack whereas the belts can slack when the car has been in disuse for long.

  • Check the tyres for under-inflation - If your car has not moved completely during the lockdown, there are possibilities of its tyres being deflated. By visual examination, you can know about the state of your tyres. It is not advisable to drive your car with deflated tires as it can damage the tyres permanently.

  • Check your car insurance - Due to social distancing and lockdown norms, it is quite obvious to lose track about the validity of your car insurance policy. You must check your insurance and get it renewed immediately before you start using your car.


Hence, these tips would be helpful for you to get your car back to normal after the long lockdown. You should drive slowly, follow traffic rules, be courteous to other drivers on the roads, and must carry a copy of your car insurance policy.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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