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Car Insurance Claim- When Your Friend Is Driver and Meets Accident

Imagine a situation where you have given your car to your close friend for a long drive. Hours later your friend calls to inform you that he has met with an accident. At such a point, there will be numerous questions in your mind. You may wonder whether you can claim insurance for your damaged vehicle. You may also ask yourself whether your friend will be covered under your current insurance plan.

As per Indian Motor Tariff, you may use a private car for numerous purposes. There is no harm in providing your vehicle to your friend or your family, even if the insured person is not driving the vehicle in case of an accident. Besides, comprehensive auto insurance policies do not have any restrictions that prohibit driving of the car other than the insured.

During such instances, it is, however, necessary to make sure that either your friend or family member has a valid driving license. It is also important to make sure that the person is not driving under the influence of any prohibited substance. Insurance companies include an exclusion of coverage in case of such instances.

Does insurance cover other drivers?

Asking yourself whether you may avail of car insurance coverage for other drivers is an important one. The good news is that your friend is covered under Third Party insurance policy if he/she has a valid driving license. This car insurance benefit may be availed of even if you are not present in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Process to include family members to avail of driver’s insurance

There may be instances where you wish to add your family member to your current car insurance plan. You may opt for an optional cover at an additional premium to protect the named passengers.

Quite contrary to the pre-conceived notion that adding family members is a cumbersome process, such a procedure is quite simple. All you have to do is contact your insurance provider. You may then furnish details of the person, as required by the insurance company. Upon successful processing, your family members may then avail of driver’s insurance. It is, however, important to note that adding a new person to your plan will result in an increase in premium cost.

You may add your family member to your existing insurance plan, and avail of the numerous benefits such a policy has to offer. By doing so, your family members enjoy the benefits under car insurance of driver and not owner..

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