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Benefits of Renewing Your HDFC ERGO Car Insurance policy

We hear of illegal and irresponsible driving, accidents taking place and rules being broken on a daily basis. This makes buying a car insurance in India extremely important. But just buying insurance does not end your job, a timely car insurance policy renewal is also vital. Here are five major benefits of having a car insurance in India.

It pays for damages:Having a valid car insurance policy spares you from worrying about expenses in an unfortunate event where your car is hit and is damaged.

It offers personal accident cover:Sometimes accidents can lead to fractures and other serious injuries that need you to be hospitalised. Instead of paying such high costs of hospitalisation from your own pocket, you can let your car insurance pay for them. This cover shall be applicable if, you have Personal Accident cover for the Owner Driver.

It reduces your liability:As we all know, a third party liability policy is mandatory in India, the policy hence covers you against damages caused to a third party and compensation due for the same.

Benefits of buying and renewing HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Policy

HDFC ERGO is one of the reputed and trusted insurance providers in the country. It offers a comprehensive car insurance policy that provides an all-round protection against own damage and third party liability. If you are already a policy holder with HDFC, you would know that HDFC ERGO’s four wheeler insurance renewal is extremely easy and user friendly. But if you have not purchased insurance yet, here is why HDFC Ergo may be just the right choice when it comes to purchasing insurance for your vehicle.

It offers a 24x7 support system:The team at HDFC ERGO provides round the clock support for convenience and hassle free experience of its policy holders. Accidents can happen anytime, so, the insured person can call and take help any time during the day.

A wide network of cashless garages:The company is proud to have a network of over 6400+ authorised network of garages to provide cashless repairs to your vehicle.

Zero documentation:Buying HDFC ERGO car insurance policy online is extremely easy and hassle free with their rule of zero documentation. It actually enables you to get a policy within minutes without the hassle of any paperwork.

Instant approval:HDFC ERGOis one of the rare insurance providers that promise a quick approval of claims. Generally the claims are approved within 24 hours of your vehicle reaching the garage.

Numerous add on covers:The company provides a myriad of add on covers based on your specific requirements so that your policy is absolutely customised as per your needs and gives you the required protection. Zero depreciation claim, engine and gear box protection cover and emergency assistance service are just a few of the many add on covers to choose from.

Overnight car repair service:The company has an overnight car repair service for its policy holders where all you need to do is drop your car at the nearest network garage and the car will be repaired by next morning subject to the terms & conditions.

Online renewal of your policy:HDFC ERGO’s car insurance renewalcan be done in minutes. All one needs to do is log on to the website, fill up the details and make the payment. You can instantly download your policy document with their 3 step process as soon as you are done with the renewal of your HDFC ERGO’s car insurance.

As you can see there are various benefits of buying and renewing HDFC ERGO’s car insurance policy. To have complete peace of mind, opt for HDFC ERGO today!

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before going ahead with the sales.

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