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All You Need to Know about Add-On Plans in Car Insurance

Car insurance, very often referred to as motor insurance, is an insurance product that offers coverage to your vehicle and\or any third  party liability, in case of any damage by/or to your vehicle.

A comprehensive insurance policy provides cover to your vehicle against damage due to accident, fire, theft, cyclone, flood etc. Along with this cover, a comprehensive policy covers any injury, death to a third party. This third party cover is in built under the comprehensive policy.

Although comprehensive policy offers good coverage to your vehicle getting an add-on cover in car insurance ensures your vehicle gets extra protection.

Add-on is a feature where by paying an extra premium, you may avail of added protection for your vehicle, thereby enhancing your existing motor insurance policy. Depending on your need, you may select different add-ons of your choice.

Today, a number of insurance companies offer customers a wide variety of car insurance add-ons. However, one of the most well-known names in this arena is HDFC ERGO that offers some add-ons like:

1. Zero depreciation

This is one of the most availed car insurance add-on. This add-on feature gives you full claim on the value of car following an accident. In other words, no depreciation costs get deducted from your claim amount.

2. Road assistance

This add-on feature ensures that in the case of a road accident or emergency, the insurance company sends you help at the earliest. It offers you services like:

  • On site repair

  • Key replacement

  • Lock repair

  • Tire change

  • Fuel filling

  • Car towing

3. No Claim Bonus protection

If you do not make an insurance claim on your car in a particular year, the insurance provider awards you with a No Claim Bonus.

4. Return to invoice

A return to invoice add-on feature allows you to claim the Invoice value, deducting your insurance cover amount of your car in case of an accident or mishap.

5. Engine and gear box protection

This add-on covers the costs incurred towards damage of your car engine and its gear box due to lubricant leakage as well as water ingression.

6. Consumables cover

replacement of car consumables like, nuts, bolts, and others owing to an accident is paid for with this add-on feature.

7. Loss of use/Downtime protection

This add-on provides the car owner a daily transport allowance till his/her car has been repaired post an accident.

With its wide-ranging protection, a car insurance add-on may lead to a substantial amount of saving in case something goes wrong with your car. So, the next time you are buying motor insurance, don’t forget to add ‘add-on covers for total protection.’

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