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All Things to Know about Four-Wheeler Insurance

As per Motor Vehicle Act, Third Party Insurance is mandatory in India. There are primarily two types of insurance policies which can be purchased by a customer, and are enumerated below: - Car insurance is a contract between you and the insurer. Under this agreement, the insurer offers coverage in case any damage occurs to your car. Such damage may result because of an accident or natural calamity.

Here are two types of four-wheeler insurance policy.

1. Comprehensive plan

This type of car insurance offers coverage to you and your vehicle. It comprises any damage occurring to your vehicle and any loss resulting to the car or accessories due to manmade or natural calamities as per the policy inclusions. In addition, this kind of plan covers legal liability to third parties. Finally, it offers personal accident coverage for the driver.


  • External damage and accidental loss

  • Damages due to storm, fire, flood, and explosion

  • Transit damage

  • Theft or burglary

  • Loss due to natural calamities

  • Damages due to malicious acts

Let us now understand the exclusions of a car insurance policy

  • Regular wear and tear and ageing

  • Electrical or mechanical failure or breakdown

  • Damages occurring due to a person driving without a valid license

  • Depreciation

  • Damages or loss in a foreign country

  • Damages to tires and tubes

  • Loss due to an accident caused by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Add On Cover

Zero Depreciation Claim

Provides benefits against depreciation on parts at the time of a partial loss claim
What’s not covered?
Tyre & battery costs

Loss of Use / Down Time Protection

HDFC ERGO Loss of User or Down time protection add-on policy reimburses a daily benefit towards the cost of alternate means of transport for the duration the insured vehicle is repaired or replaced.

Engine and Gear Box Protection Cover

It secures your car against any damage to engine & gear box against unpredictable weather or incessant rains. This add on cover is a savior and comes to your rescue especially during unpredictable weather conditions

No Claim Bonus Protection

On every claim free renewal you get discount in the form of No Claim bonus; however, accidents are unpredictable and we understand that. Considering this, HDFC ERGO provides an add-on cover No Claim bonus protection helps you in retaining it for the next renewal of your policy.

Emergency Assistance Service Program

This add-on cover helps you deal with any mechanical or technical breakdown or road accident. It aims at providing round the clock road assistance for a pleasurable driving experience. Further it has a bouquet of services which includes tire replacement cover, towing of vehicle to the nearest garage, emergency fuel delivery, battery jump start, accommodation arrangement, alternate travel arrangement, minor repairs on the spot etc

Emergency Assistance Wider Cover

This add-on assists when the keys of the insured vehicle are lost, misplaced or stolen. In such a scenario buying a new key may be cumbersome; under such circumstances we issue you a new set of keys subject to submission of police report.

2. Third party liability

This type of motor insurance covers legal liability arising in case your car is involved in an accident. The coverage includes damages to third party property, injuries, and death. However, it will not cover any damage occurring to the vehicle. This is the basic 4-wheeler car insurance required by the authorities.


  • Complete liability in case of injury, death, or damage to third parties

  • Legal protection against third party claims

  • Personal accident benefits for you, driver, and passengers
    (*For detailed list of exclusions please read the policy wordings)

You may include additional covers with your car insurance plan. These include zero depreciation, emergency assistance, and roadside protection.

The insurance may be purchased online or through an offline mode. However, when you buy four-wheeler insurance online, you may be able to reduce the cost. This is because insurance companies are able to reduce their overheads when they sell policies online. These cost savings are passed on to you and you will be able to avail of beneficial coverage at a lower four-wheeler insurance rate.

How to find the best rate online?

You may check different policies offered by various insurers online. However, this may be time-consuming and cumbersome. It is recommended you compare the rates and terms and conditions offered by different insurance companies on an online portal. These portals provide beneficial information and also offer tips that will help you find the best car insurance plan.

To be financially secure for an unforeseen event, it is essential to get your car insured. Moreover, a car insurance policy lets you enjoy complete peace of mind.

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