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A quick and easy understanding of SUV car insurance

Car Insurance for SUVs

Your SUV is the signature of your raw, rugged, untamed and adventurous way of life. When I first drove my robust beast, it was fulfilling, liberating and I patted my back for taking the best decision of my life. However, car insurance for SUV did seem like a setback. With the higher cost of SUV insurance vs. car insurance, it seemed like I wanted to rethink.

Why should I pay for something which I may never use if I am lucky? And yet finally I did get my SUV insured. And this is where it becomes critical to understand the importance of insurance.

Why is SUV insurance extremely important?

When your SUV is the mightiest machine on the road, it becomes important to drive it safely. Having said that, the possibility of accidents or mishappenings cannot be completely ignored.

In case of car insurance of SUV vs. sedan, an SUV costs more. We know that it is excruciating to see your car in a bad shape after an accident or a mishappening and even if one deals with the emotional distress, the financial distress makes things worse. With car thefts on the rise, it is unfortunate to say that your car is not safe even right outside your home. This is where a comprehensive SUV car insurance policy, which includes theft insurance, becomes a shoulder to lean on. When you know that your prized car that you bought with your hard earned money is always going to receive the best of care and protection, you can carry on your journey peacefully.

Types of insurance for SUV

Comprehensive Coverage: This is an all-encompassing policy which includes damages due to theft, fire explosion, natural calamities such as earthquake, landslide etc., personal accident as well as third party coverage. This policy entirely covers all the medical expenses if the car passenger or any third party is injured severely during an accident.

Third Part Liability Coverage: This insurance policy covers the damage of car or life to the third party involved in an accident with you. According to Motor Vehicles Act in India, all vehicles must have this cover. It covers compensation for injuries, permanent total disability, death and property damage arising due to any accident involving your vehicle.

Tips to keep in mind while buying SUV insurance

  • Choose zero depreciation add on cover as it covers depreciation against the parts which fall under exclusion in your standard motor insurance policy.

  • Decide on the type of insurance according to how you plan to use your car.  However, it is always recommended to go for a comprehensive policy.

  • Opt for Personal Accident cover to unnamed passengers and this should be in addition to the compulsory Personal Accident cover to owner driver of the vehicle

So empower yourself with your SUV and discover the adventures of life, knowing that you are carefully insured.

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