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A look at Affordable Car Insurance Plans

You would have often heard people call their cars, baby. Well, aren't they? They need to be taken care of, pampered with regular servicing and taken out for outings.

Cars have become both a status symbol and a necessity today, but still for many, buying their dream car is an overwhelming experience. And that's precisely why it can leave you gasping for breath if a road accident damages your four-wheeler. To make matters worse, you might just have to shell out a hefty amount to get it back in shape. It would be futile to curse yourself for not getting your car insured earlier once the damage has been done. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Car insurance has many benefits and especially the expert-curate comprehensive and affordable plans offered by HDFC ERGO can leave you spoilt for choices.


Here are two offerings from HDFC ERGO that can make car insurance affordable for all:

1. Liability Only

It covers the loss incurred due to an accident involving the policy holder’s vehicle, the legal liabilities that can arise from the accident and also any injuries to the driver of the vehicle or the third party is also covered.

2. Comprehensive car insurance

This is the kind of car insurance policy that ensures all-encompassing coverage. This policy is recommended to new car owners. This type of insurance covers any loss or damage to the car as well as ensures the safety of the individual car owner. At the time of accident or any other mishappening related to the car, any damage caused to health of the driver as well as the passengers is fully covered under this plan. It even covers for third party liability.

If you might be wondering, ‘I can’t afford car insurance what should I do?’. Well, you can calculate the car insurance premium within seconds and decide accordingly.

  • Log on to and fill in the details about your car.

  • Select the type of insurance you want and any special preferences.

  • Depending on the information, the premium calculator will return the affordable car insurance quotes within seconds.

Features of HDFC ERGO car insurance plans

  • There is round the clock support for a hassle-free claim assistance experience.

  • Cashless claim service is enabled with over 5800+ authorized network of garages across India.

  • You can skip lengthy processes and actually buy the policy within seconds using the mobile app.

  • The emergency assistance cover.

In order to get the most affordable car insurance, you need to review your policy from time to time and make sure that it meets your current requirement.

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