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5 Safety tips while driving your personal car

Driving always involves a certain amount of risk, especially during a long trip to unexplored routes. Road accidents are increasing at an alarming rate, and repair stations might not be always approachable. In such a scenario, a lot of thought and preparation needs to be put in order to organize a secure and carefree road trip.

If you are planning to take your car for a tour, ensure a safe road trip by following these measures:


A long route exposes you and your motor vehicle to a higher degree of risk. Unknown roads, limited information about fuel and repair stations, and any sudden change in the weather conditions are some of the major reasons that elevate safety concerns during a road trip. Car insurance plays a significant role in safeguarding you against any such unforeseen conditions.

Sign up for a car insurance package to get a comprehensive coverage. Make sure that your insurance plan includes a personal accident cover. You can also opt for a rider with an emergency assistance provision. Towing facility and On site repair contribute to a great extent if you are caught in a place with no or very little help. You can sign up for your car insurance online, through a quick and simple procedure.

Car Servicing

Servicing is to a car what food is to our body. Regardless of how advanced and efficient your vehicle is, if it doesn’t receive proper cleaning and maintenance it will not be able to perform well. Hence, a car servicing session before your trip is must. It will help spot and fix the problems, if any. This way you’ll be at peace that your vehicle is prepared for a long tour. While this is only a precaution from your end, it is important for you to know that the insurance companies provide cashless claim facility if the garage is within their network. This is where you can access specific services mentioned as per their policy at the time of a breakdown.

Checking your Car Tyres

Tyres carry a huge responsibility during any car trip. Even the slightest issue related to tyres are a big concern as they put the whole vehicle to huge risk. Ideally, a car service session will examine tyres closely and ensure their proper functioning. However, in case you are unable to get servicing before the trip or you wish to have a self-check before embarking —check the tyre pressure, check each tread grove with a coin, inspect the tyres for any cracks or cuts, and strictly adhere toyour vehicle’s maximum weight recommendation.

Basic Medical Kits

It is always wise to carry a basic first aid kit to be prepared for any medical emergencies. Some cars provide a complimentary kit at the time of purchase and one can also find automobile medical kits at chemist shops. However, it is best to customize the case according to your needs. While basic antiseptic creams and bandages will be the same in all, you might find certain medicines that work best for you.

Emergency Numbers

To call for help during any crisis, keep emergency numbers handy. Ensure that contact information of your car insurance company and phone numbers of your family/friend are easily available. While it is good to save them on electronic media, maintain a paper copy too for instances when your electronics do notfunction.

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