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4 Simple Steps to Check Car Insurance Policy Status Online

If you are a victim of a road accident but do not have the insurance information of the vehicle, you need not despair. Although, this information is needed to lodge a complaint with the insurance company, you can easily find the information on the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB).

The IIB was formed in October 2009 and maintains digitalized records of automobile insurance since 1st April 2010. You need to provide some basic details about the vehicle to receive your policy details through an SMS and an email.

The “Vehicle Insurance Status Check” portal is developed by IIB and created by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA). Its objective is to provide car insurance status check in India. Here are four simple steps you must follow to check the status.

1. Details required

You need to keep some details handy to check the insurance status. This includes name, place of the accident (if known), mobile number, date of the accident, email address, registration number, and the address.

2. Login to the IIB portal

The “Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System” has the aforementioned data fields that must be completed to check the car insurance policy status. Once you enter all the information, the live policy details are provided immediately. In case the details of current policy are not available, you will receive the information about the previous policy.

3. Other data

In case you are unable to retrieve information using the registration number of the vehicle, you may use other data. You may also search for the car insurance status online using the engine number or chassis number of the vehicle.

4. Some considerations

When you enter the registration number, ensure you leave out special characters. If the insurance policy is less than two months old, the data will be unavailable. This is because it takes at least two months for the information to be submitted to the Data Repository. For new vehicles, only the chassis and engine numbers are submitted by the insurance companies while issuing the policies.

The car insurance policy check is available only for plans availed from 1st April 2010. You must remember that you may avail of insurance information only three times from a particular mobile number and email address. In case the information is not available on the IIB portal, you may approach the concerned Road Transport Authority (RTA) for the details.

Procuring vehicle insurance details online is no longer complicated. If you are involved in an unfortunate accident but do not have the insurance details of the concerned vehicle, the IIB portal becomes beneficial. With only some basic information, you will be easily able to check a car’s insurance status for lodging a complaint with the insurance company and receive your due compensation.

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