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This Father's Day Ensure the Safety of his favourite Car

Published on June 22, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Do you remember that day when your father brought his first car home and took you all for a breezy drive? Or, all those times when he dropped you at school, took the family on road trips or rushed a loved one to the hospital in his prized car? So, with every passing year, if you have seen your father get increasingly attached to his four-wheeler, it is not surprising at all! Apart from being an expensive investment, a car takes you places whenever you want, helping you to keep time while soaking in the beauty of the surroundings. Plus, for all these years, it has made your father more independent, by reducing his dependence on public transport. So, this Father’s Day, on 21 st June, why don’t you do something special for the car, to make your father feel appreciated and loved?

A car insurance plan can be the best gift

Since a car is expensive as well as full of sentimental value, it needs protection against unforeseen events like natural calamities, accidents, malicious attacks and theft. Even a minor damage can rack up a huge bill, after all. So, by getting your father car insurance, you will be gifting him something that is valuable, useful and thoughtful. Moreover, according to the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, it is necessary for all drivers to have car insurance. This way, your father can also protect himself against financial liabilities in case he ends up damaging another vehicle on the road. The multiple benefits of getting a car insurance policy are as follows:

  • Any legal or financial damage claims that is incurred due to third-party liability will be covered or at least reduced

  • In case of natural calamities, accidents, and collisions, the cost of repairing all damages and hospitalisation will be covered

  • Leading providers offer car insurance policies online now, to make the process easier and efficient

  • You can compare multiple plans online too and choose the one that best suits your pocket

  • The renewal process is very simple

  • To reduce costs arising from unforeseen events further, you can choose from many add-on covers like no claim bonus protection, zero depreciation cover, key replacement cover, emergency assistance cover, and cover for cost of consumable items

  • Getting a car insurance is cheaper than buying a new car, which might be the case if the vehicle gets severely damaged and is beyond repair or replacement

Some benefits of getting car insurance from a reputed provider:

  • You can get the car serviced at one of their many network garages, without having to pay in cash

  • You can benefit from 24x7 car repair services

  • Registering claims and tracking the same will be super easy via their website

  • The insured can choose from multiple modes of claim settlement as well

  • A premium calculator will be available on their website, which you can use to determine the amount that you have to pay yearly

Types of car insurance plans to choose from

Usually, 4 different plans are available to cater to your needs. However, note that they don’t cover depreciation, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, and illegal driving situations.

  • Long term comprehensive car insurance – For 3 years, this plan provides complete coverage against third-party liability, damage to own car, natural calamities and manmade events. It protects against theft, accidental damage, and even fires and explosions. Physical injuries, deaths and property damage are covered by this. This is the best option for your father as he can continue to drive without being worried for a long time to come. Also, he won’t have to remember to renew it every year, miss the date or incur late charges. Moreover, you can make the policy more robust by choosing add-on covers for protecting the engine, accessories, gear box etc.

  • 1 year comprehensive plan - This is just like the plan discussed above, but valid for one year. Your father will need to renew it on time to avail the benefits.

  • Standalone own damage - This plan is suitable if you want to protect only your father’s car against fires, calamities, accidental damages and theft.

  • Third party car insurance - This type of insurance is mandatory by law and will protect your father against any legal and financial liabilities that occur due to the injury, death, disability or property damage of any third party. However, this insurance is not enough as your father’s car won’t be protected in case of any unwanted event.

No matter which policy you choose, remember that the premium amount will depend on the extent of coverage, car value, fuel type, age of the car and security systems in place.


So, what are you waiting for? Surprise the man who introduced you to this big world by gifting him a comprehensive car insurance policy this Father’s Day. Just remember to compare plans and read the terms and conditions before picking one. Your dad will appreciate your wonderful gesture for a long time to come!

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