Casualty Insurance

Commercial General Liability

The typical Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy provides protection against claims of bodily injury or property damage for which your business may be liable.

The Commercial General Liability insurance covers a wide range of Liability loss exposures faced by most organisations; it is the foundation for most organisations’ Liability insurance programs.

  • HDFC ERGO’s Commercial General Liability protection responds to exposures some of which didn't exist 10 years ago. For example, the rapid rise of the Internet has dramatically increased the potential for libel, intellectual property and invasion of the right of privacy suits. Typical standard policies do not adequately respond to these contingencies.
  • The policy offers the option of protection for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury to a third party for which a company is found to be legally liable.
  • It can provide a separate advertising/personal injury aggregate limit that is not Subject to a general aggregate limit.
  • Personal injury includes discrimination, harassment and segregation (other than employment-related)
  • Bodily injury includes humiliation, mental anguish, mental injury and shock resulting from physical injury
  • Advertising injury includes trademark infringement
  • products-completed operations hazard
  • Medical Expenses Coverage
  • damage to premises rented to you
  • sudden & Accidental Pollution Liability (excluding USA & Canada)
  • Coverage for additional insured when required by written contracts
  • Advertising Injury and Personal Injury Liability Coverage
  • Vendors Endorsement
  • Oral and written contractual Liability: bodily Injury/Property damage
  • Expected or intended injury
  • Contractual Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation and similar laws
  • Pollution
  • damage to your property
  • damage to your product
  • damage to your work
  • Aircraft, Auto or Watercraft
  • Professional Liability
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Electronic data