Scheme Features

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  1. The scheme provides Insurance coverage to all Farmers for their crops as notified by the State Governments

All farmers including sharecroppers and tenant farmers growing thenotified crops in the notified areas are eligible for coverage.

Farmers should have insurable interest for the notified/ insured crops.
Thenon-loanee farmers are required to submit necessary documentaryevidence of land records prevailing in the State (Records of Right (RoR),Land possession Certificate (LPC) etc.) and/ or applicable contract/agreement details/ other documents notified/ permitted by concernedState Government (in case of sharecroppers/ tenant farmers).

Claim Process

For any losses arising out of the above mentioned events the farmer should contact our company and intimate the loss within 48 hours of the event occurring along with survey number-wise insured crop and acreage affected and the Premium payment verification details as given to the Bank / Intermediary / CSC centers. Local Newspaper cutting and any other available evidence to substantiate occurrence of loss event and severity of the loss, if any should also be provided as applicable.

The Farmers can reach out to us on 1800 266 0700 and update as soon as the loss has occurred. The Farmers can also reach out to the District Agriculture Office and our representative will be intimated by the DAO office. The Farmers can also reach out to their respective Banks.

Download Claim Form – Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana


What is the objective of implementation of PMFBY scheme?

PMFBY is a risk mitigation tools aims at providing financial support and stabilizing the income of farmers to ensure their continuance in farming. It covers the perils to the crops arising out of unforeseen events at all stages, i.e. from sowing to post harvest,.Italso encourages the farmers to adopt the modern and innovative agriculture practices in order to have a stabilize income and sustainable production in agriculture sector.

What is the process to inform the company about crop sown and changes?

In case the farmer changes the crop to be sown, he should intimate the change to insurance company, at least 30 days before cut-off-date for buying insurance or sowing either through financial institution/ channel partner/ insurance intermediary/ directly; as the case may be, along with difference in premium payable, if any, accompanied by sowing certificate issued by concerned village/ sub-district level official of the State. In case the premium paid was higher, insurance company will refund the excess.

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