Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance Brochure

Few things in life matter as much to you as your home. After all, it's the heart of your family, your possessions, your priceless investment and your memories. Get affordable coverage for your property and possessions against almost any eventuality.

Now with HDFC ERGO Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy, you can ensure the trusted protection for your home. Importantly, it is brought to you by HDFC, a name synonymous with “home” to millions across India, and ERGO, one of the world leaders in non-life insurance solutions.


Fire and Special Perils (a) Building (b) Contents

Covers Against

Aircraft Damage
Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage
Storm, Cyclone
Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood and Inundation
Impact Damage
Subsidence and Landside including Rockslide
Bursting and or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus & Pipes
Missile Testing Operations
Leakage from Automatic Sprinkler Installations
Bush Fire

Add ons

(i) Earthquake (ii) Terrorism


The sum insured for Contents is based on the market value. Market Value would mean the current cost minus an allowance for depreciation, in the event of loss/damage.

The reconstruction cost is based on two parameters which are mentioned below:

Built– up area of the house (square feet)
Cost of Construction in your area/ locality

You would have to multiply the built up area of the house with the cost of construction to arrives at the reconstruction cost. Reconstruction Cost = Built – up area of the house * Cost of construction in your area/ locality.


This policy is designed for:

Individuals residing in flats or independent houses provided that the external walls are of burnt
bricks/ stone/ concrete blocks and RCC/ RBC/ tiles/ ACC roof
Policy can be availed by house/flat owners only


Losses arising out of Burglary, theft. Housebreaking, larceny
Loss and/or damage arising out of War, Invasion, Act of Foreign enemy, hostilities, etc.
Loss or damage due to nuclear perils
Damage to property due to Pollution and contamination
Loss or damage due to wear and tear, gradual deterioration or slowly developing flaws
Consequential Loss
Willful Misconduct or Negligence
Loss and/or damage to jewellery, precious stones, money, bullion or documents of any kind
  unless specifically declared
Co-operative societies cannot take long term policy for entire society building
Property Under construction cannot be covered under this policy

(For a detailed list of exclusions, kindly refer our policy wordings)


Covers Risk Against Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Flood, Inundation, Storm, Riot, Strike, Malicious damage
Coverage upto 15 years
Get Discount upto 50%
Option to cover Terrorism & Earthquake
Flexibility in customization of policy
No documentation, get instant online policy


In the event of any claim, call our Toll-free 1800-2-700-700 to register the claim at the earliest with the details of the nature of loss, location of loss, amount of loss (approx. estimation) and policy number for reference.

Once we receive full and final documentation, we will process the claim with prompt turn around times.

For details, kindly refer Policy Wordings.

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