my:health medisure Classic FAQs

What is a Pre-Existing Disease?

Pre-Existing Disease means any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s) for which signs or symptoms, and/or was diagnosed, and/or received treatment medical advice/treatment, within 48 months prior to the first Policy with us.

How does the Family Floater option in Medisure Classic operate?

The Family Floater option in Health Insurance covers the family & the coverage is shared among the members of the family.

I am a Foreign Citizen? Can I take a health policy for my child who is continuing further studies in India?

Yes. The scope of cover age shall be restricted to treatment taken in hospitals in India during the policy period.

Are naturopathy and homeopathy treatments covered under a health policy?

My:health Medisure Classic covers only Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment as per the coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy.

Does my:health Medisure Classic Insurance cover diagnostic charges like X-ray, MRI or ultrasound?

my:Health Medisure Classic Insurance covers all diagnostic test like X- ray, MRI, blood tests etc as long they are associated with the patients stay in the hospital for at least 24 hours. Any diagnostic tests which do not lead to hospitalization or which have been prescribed as Out-patient are not covered.

I have an insurance cover provided by my employer for Rs.400,000 covering my entire family. Can I still take another policy from you?

Yes you can take a cover from us also mentioning about the existing policy details. This will help you to give your family additional health protection.

What is Co-Payment?

It is a cost sharing requirement under a health insurance policy that provides that the Insured will bear a specific percentage of the admissible costs. A co-payment is applicable on a claim and does not impact the Sum Insured.

What is the age limit for taking this policy?

  • Entry Age : 3 months to 23 years for dependent children (cover starts from 91 days of age)
  • For Proposer minimum 18 years must be complete.
  • Life time entry is allowed
  • Optional Double Sum Insured for Critical Illness can be availed only up to the age of 65 years

Is health-checkup required while purchasing Medisure Classic?

Pre Acceptance Medical tests are waived off until 50 years of age for all proposed members in Medisure Classic. Completed age as on the date of proposal is considered to decide on medical test requirement.

Who pays for the medical examination?

Customer undergoing the Health check up shall pay 50% of check up charges to the diagnostic centre.

Are cosmetic treatments or medical attention for cosmetic purposes covered?

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is covered only when it becomes medically necessary following an accident.

Does my:health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy offer coverage Worldwide?

my:health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy only covers medical treatment taken within India and payments under this policy shall only be made in Indian Rupees within India.

What are the different modes of payment?

Premium can be paid by Cheque, DemandDraft, PayOrder, CreditCard or internet banking.

What if I cancel my policy mid-duration, i.e. before the policy expires?

Cancellation can be requested by giving a request for cancellation. Refund will be on provided on Short Period Rates mentioned below:

Period On Risk Rate Of Premium Refunded
Upto 1 month 75% of annual rate
Upto 3 months 50% of annual rate
Upto 6 months 25% of annual rate
Exceeding six months Nil

Minimum premium of Rs.250 will be retained towards administrative charges only when the calculated refund amount is less than Rs.250.

How can I add family Members to my existing Policy?

  • New Born Child (can be added once the baby is 91 days intimated for addition can be accepted upto 6 months on written declaration by the Proposer and Birth certificate copy)
  • New Born Child (can be added once the baby is 91 days intimated for addition can be accepted upto 6 months on written declaration by the Proposer and Birth certificate copy)

After 6 months addition can be done at the next renewal.

What is the renewal process?

You need to pay the renewal premium before the expiry date of the current policy.

Can a customer opt or Delete waiver of sublimit / critical illness in the renewal year?

Yes, customer can opt or delete waiver of sub-limit / critical illness in the renewal year however Critical illness can be opted upto 65 years only and addition of waiver at Renewal is subject to Medical UW approval.

How long can I continue to renew my:health Medisure Classic Insurance Policy?

Renewals will be available for life time and will not be denied except in case of Fraud, Non- disclosure, mis-representation or non-cooperation from your side.

What are the renewal terms for a person who has claimed under CI benefit?

On renewal the particular CI for which claim has been paid will be excluded. Rest of the Critical Illness will continue to get covered.