Critical Illness Insurance Policy - HDFC ERGO
Critical Illness Your companion in critical illness
  • - Covers 8 critical illness
  • - Provides a lump sum benefit on first diagnosis
  • - No health check-up
  • - Tax benefit U/s 80D*

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Alzheimer's Disease

In India, more than 4 million people have some or the other form of Alzheimer's disease. However, as popularly assumed, this disease is not merely due to ageing, as in many cases people less than 65 years have suffered from the disease (Alzheimer’s Association). It is a common type of Dementia that leads to loss of memory. It is progressive and the symptoms of dementia may worsen with time. In the early stages, patient may face speech difficulties or stop responding to the environment; however at a later stage it could lead to death. Though there isn’t a specific cure for treating Alzheimer's disease, today due to advancement in medical science there are various efforts that can be taken to find better ways to treat dementia. The only way to give a better life to the patient suffering from this life threatening disease is to take adequate care by professionally trained caregivers and medical practitioners. On an average, a person with Alzheimer’s live for approximately eight years after symptoms begin. During this period, the disease not only affects the patient but also leaves a deep impact on the family both financially and emotionally. Struggling with a brain disease is not easy. And, you will want your family to stand together for you at such a time instead of being caught up in managing funds. Hence, it is advisable to opt for Critical Illness Health plan that covers medical expenses for Alzheimer's disease.

Few common symptoms of Alzheimer's disease other than memory loss:

1. Difficulty in problem solving
2. Difficulty in task completion
3. Change in mood and personality
4. Sudden withdrawal from friends and family
5. Communication issues both written and spoken

Why is it important to opt for HDFC ERGO Critical illness Insurance Policy, even if you hold an indemnity health insurance plan?

Critical illness policy is a benefit-plan unlike the conventional indemnity health insurance plans. A lump sum amount (Sum Insured) is paid just upon diagnosis of any of the listed Critical Illness covered in the Policy. In case, your treating doctor recommends a certain line of treatment, HDFC ERGO critical illness plan will give you a lump sum benefit in one transaction that may be used to pay for the treatment, care, and recovery. The money may also be useful for paying off debts, substituting lost income, or even in adapting to lifestyle changes in some cases. Treating a critical illness may drain away your savings, restrict you from working and earning and affect your routine lifestyle, hence a lump sum benefit in one single transaction up to your opted cover is best for during tough times. Your existing health cover or employee health insurance may cover your medical expenses up to a certain extent, however critical illness cover will offer you a lump sum benefit in one single transaction on first diagnosis or advice issued by a medical practitioner.

Why Choose HDFC ERGO’s Critical Illness Plan for Alzheimer's disease?

You may concentrate on your health, while HDFC ERGO Critical Illness cover takes care of the funds. Apart from this, the insurer will also offer monetary support to your family, in case you are busy getting a treatment and there is a loss of income. The lump sum amount is paid in one single transaction on the first diagnosis after a survival period of 30 days. This lump sum amount can be utilized for care and treatment, recuperation aids, paying off debts or fund any lost income due to a decreasing ability to earn. You will also enjoy tax benefits under section 80D for investing into a health insurance plan.

Exclusions of Critical Illness PolicyExclusions and waiting periods for Critical illness health cover for Alzheimer's disease

The critical illness health insurance plan comes with certain exclusions. You will not be covered in the following situations:

  • Waiting period of 90 days
  • Patient above 65 years are not eligible
  • Act of foreign invasion or war
  • Intentional self-injury or attempt to suicide
  • Involvement in military, air force, or naval operations
  • Participation in adventure sports like scuba diving and rock climbing

For a complete list of exclusions, kindly refer the policy wordings
"Note: The content is descriptive only. For actual coverage, kindly refer the policy document.

How much premium do I need to pay?

Critical Illness insurance premiums differ for individuals depending on the age, sum insured, and the selected coverage duration. To know, how much premium you will have to pay for a certain plan, simply use the online calculator available on HDFC ERGO’s website.