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E@Secure - Cyber crime insurance policy in India

What if we told you that every second you spend online means a greater chance of exposing your valuable information to malicious activities and threats? After all, India is the second most impacted country by spam and third most by network attacks. But, don’t let cybercrime hold you back. Make the most of the internet; get insured and browse without a care!

  • Family cover

    Don’t let cybercrimes wreak havoc on your family’s mental and emotional health. Let your family browse worry-free by securing yourself, your spouse, and two dependent children (regardless of age) from the clutches of cybercriminals.

  • All Device Covered

    Today, all of us are plugged-in and synced across multiple devices. But you need not worry about insuring all them separately. HDFC ERGO’s E@Secure provides cover for all devices under a single insurance plan.

  • 100% Coverage

    Worried about threats to credit/debit cards, bank account or e-wallets? Well, here’s why you needn’t be. HDFC ERGO’s E@Secure covers losses that you might incur due to fraudulent online transactions and legal expenses.

  • Covers Legal Expenses

    Protect yourself and your family from the dark side of the web with a plan that helps you get the right legal advice and more.

What is covered

  • Unauthorised Online Transactions-According to the Asia Pacific Fraud Insights Report 2017, Indians are the most susceptible to online scams, with 48% consumers being hit by retail fraud.Protect your hard-earned money with a plan that provides you with a 100% cover against fraudulent transactions on your bank account, credit/debit card or e-wallet.
  • Phishing & Email Spoofing-Don’t let important data fall into the wrong hands through phishing and email spoofing. With E@Secure, get cover of up to 15% and 25% of the limit respectively.
  • Damage to e-reputation-It takes only a few seconds for a troll to tarnish your reputation in the digital world. Invest in E@Secure and stay shielded against such threats with a plan that offers 25% coverage (of the policy limit) for e-reputation.
  • Identity theft-Did you know that identity theft is the largest contributor to fraud in India? Get 25% of the policy limit protection by choosing HDFC ERGO’s E@Secure and safeguard yourself against this threat.
  • Cyber bullying-Bullying of any kind can break a person and with the advent of internet, cyber bullying has entered our homes. Kids and teenagers are especially susceptible to it. Protect yourself and your loved ones against cyber bullying by getting a cover of up to 10% of the policy limit with HDFC ERGO E@Secure.
  • E-extortion-Protect yourself against blackmailers and ransomware attacks with E@Secure that provides coverage of up to 10% of the policy limit against e-extortion.

For more details on the risk factors, term and conditions please read the policy wording carefully before concluding the sale.

What is not covered

  • Frauds: We won’t be able to compensate for a fraudulent act that is intentional/deliberate.
  • Pre existing loss: The benefits of our partnership only begin once you sign up for the policy. Not much we can do for you before that.
  • Unexplained Loss:There’s nothing more intriguing than solving a mystery. But losses that cannot be explained or traced, or mysterious disappearances, aren’t covered under E@Secure.
  • Delayed Claims: While we believe in helping you claim what’s yours, we unfortunately won’t be able to do much about claims reported after six months of occurrence.
  • Terrorism: Losses or incidents due to an act of terrorism, looting, or due to other acts of the government won’t be covered.
  • Offline activity: While we promise to protect you in the digital space, we’re afraid there’s not much we can do in the offline space under this plan.

For complete list of exclusions, kindly refer Policy Wordings.
For more details on the risk factors, term and conditions please read the policy wording carefully before concluding the sale.

Get more with HDFC ERGO E@Secure

  • Family cover:
    Secure your family online as you do in real life with protection against loss/damage arising from internet usage. Protect yourself, your spouse, and your two children (without any age limit) and ensure complete digital security for the entire family.
    How does it work?
    If in case any of your family member suffers any loss or damage from internet usage (through any of the events specified in the coverages), you can rely on E@Secure to provide you with the required cover.
  • Cover for malware:
    As you lock your house doors, secure your digital assets too. Get protection against corruption and destruction of digital assets by malware. This add-on compensates for replacement expenses to the extent of 10% of the policy limit.
    How does it work?
    If you suffer any loss due to corruption of your digital assets caused by the introduction of malware into your system, we’ll pay for the replacement expenses incurred in restoring your assets (with coverage of up to 10% of the policy limit).