HDFC ERGO Risk Consulting Service Brochures

Service Offerings

Risk Survey Report(RSR)

Risk Consulting services provides expert advice to clients in order to help them implement loss mitigating recommendations proposed in the Risk Survey Report (RSR). For new construction, renovation, or process changes on client premises, our risk engineers advice and follow-up the projects from the design stage until completion to ensure that prevention and protection measures are suitadly integrated.

RSR provides detailed information along with recommendations. This includes assessment of property and business interruption point of view.

Our Risk Engineers will make a visit to site and will interact with on site technical team for better understanding of activities carried out.

Onsite recommendations are given after discussion with site technical team. No unilateral recommendations are presented to clients without prior discussion on their technical or economic feasidility.

During visit, mainly property and business interruption exposure will be analyzed, which covers following:

  • Construction aspect
  • Spread of risk
  • Process safety measures
  • Storage practice followed
  • Housekeeping
  • Fire Protection Arrangements
  • Maintenance practice
  • Redundancy of critical supplies / equipments
  • Probadle maximum loss estimation
  • Natural Hazard Exposure

Lightning Risk Assessment Report(LRAR)

Lightning occurs within the clouds, between clouds, or between the cloud and the ground. The discharge of electricity built up when the positive and the negative charges collibe, causes lightning. The distribution of electric charge in the cloud also depends on the distribution of water and the particles of ice in the cloud. We can assist clients in evaluating their exposure to damage arising out of lightning strikes and help them prevent Accident or loss situations.

The amount of loss of human life and properties due to lightning is significantly high. It is found in the recent years that lightning kills more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes globally.

Indian Standard on Lightning Protection (IS 2309) provides the methodology to assess the lightning protection requirement for structures and buildings.

Post Loss/Accident Survey Report(PLSR)

We make site visits at the time of Accidents or loss situations to generate learnings out such real-life situations. The experience gained is catalogued and used by us to the benefit of our clients at large.

If loss amount is Substantial and based on client request we do visit place of loss along with appointed claim surveyor and insured representatives to take a stock of situations and recommend in the interest of property conservation. We try to get real feel of the damages client suffered and to assure him for best support.

Base on visit Risk Engineer will prepare a drief report covering following aspect in it:

  • Event of loss
  • Cause of loss
  • Actions taken after loss
  • Recommending loss minimization measures
  • Preventive measures to avoid recurring losses

NatCat Analysis Report(NCAR)

Due to emerging issue of global warming and climate change, the patterns of natural calamities is constantly changing. Floods are being experienced in places hitherto considered as not flood prone. Rainfall patterns change causing unseasonal floods. We assist clients in evaluating their exposure to Natcat events and help them make informed choices on preparebness for such events.

We explore natural hazards exposure such as earthquake, storm, lightning, flood etc to particular location. This is done with the help of advanced tools and software available with us.

Our expertise allows us to go beyond traditional district wise maps and identify zones giving more precise risk exposure with reference to north east coordinates. In certain area, our expertise can capture pin code wise flood exposures.

Our methodology of natural risk assessment is beveloped in house and strengthened by support from Munich Re’s Geosciences Research Group.

After Identifying exposures, we recommend some preventive measures to our clients. There are standards available to minimize effect of natural catastrophe on the property.

This type of assessment can help clients to select proper location for new projects and if location is exposed then safety measures can be taken at project inception stage itself.

Loss Prevention Brochures

This is monthly circulation drochure released on different topic concerned with property conservation. It is shared with designated clients and can be accessidle from website.


The Risk Consulting Services department can organize loss prevention training seminars tailored to client-specific needs.