HDFC ERGO Money Insurance Policy

Money Insurance Policy

Money is central to an organisation’s workings. From profits to costs – money covers every area and goes through many transactions.

The Money Insurance Policy of HDFC ERGO broadly covers loss of money in transit by the insured or insured’s authorised employee(s) or money held in safe in the Insured’s premises.


Money shall mean and include Cash, Coins, bank draft, Currency Notes, Cheques, Traveler’s Cheque, Postal order, Money order, Pay order and Current Postage Stamps, bank shall mean and include bank of every description, Post Office, Government Treasury.

Our policy provides coverage against loss of cash or currency whilst in transit as well as in your premises due to accident or misfortune.

We will also pay for cost of replacement or repair of your safe or strong room at your premises in the event of its being damaged by thieves or burglars.

For a additional premium, the policy can be extended to cover the risk of terrorism

Actual turnover for Money in transit, Single Carrying Limit and Cash In safe Limit

The policy does not cover loss and/or damage due to

  • Shortage due to error or omission
  • Loss of money entrusted to any person other than insured or an Authorized employee or Directors of the Insured
  • Infidelity of Insured or his employee except loss due to fraud or dishonesty of the cash carrying employee of the Insured
  • Loss occurring on the premises, after business hours, unless the money is in a locked safe or strong room
  • Loss occasioned by Riot, Strike and Terrorist Activity
  • Money carried under contract of affreightment and theft of money from Unattented vehicle
  • Loss of or damage to money in transit by post
  • Loss of money collected by Authorized employee/s of the Insured whilst in transit to the Insured premises or bank in their personal Custody for more than 48 hours
  • Loss of money from safe or strong room following use of the key to the safe or strong room or any duplicate thereof belonging to the Insured
  • War and warlike perils
  • Ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity, Nuclear Weapon material
  • Consequential loss or legal Liability of any kind