HDFC ERGO Cellular Network Policy

Cellular Network Insurance Policy

Our Cellular Network Policy provides seamless cover to industries associated with Telecommunication Business. We understand your business specific requirements.

Our policy provide cover to


  • Active Telecom Service Providers,
  • Passive Telecom Service Providers with


Along with above we also provide cover for facilities such as Storage Locations, Offices, Selling Outlets, Workshops, Billing Centers, Routing and Switching Centers, etc.

  • Our Policy provides coverage against:
    • Material Damage due to any accidental physical loss from – Fire , water, Act of God i.e Flood, storm etc, malicious damage, strike, burglary including theft, electrical short circuit
    • Loss of Data Media due to accidental physical means or theft by visible, physical and forcible means
    • Loss of gross profit due to physical damage
    • Third Party Liability
    • Marine Inland Transit
  • Material damage: Actual insurable value of the property
  • Data Media: New replacement value plus cost of recreation of data
  • Business Interruption Gross profit
  • Third Party Liability Specified Sum Insured limit
  • Marine Inland Transit Specified Sum Insured limit
  • Premium depends upon the coverage required, Sum Insured and claim experience
  • Deductibles will be applicable for each section separately
  • The policy does not cover loss and/or damage due to
    • Wear & tear,
    • Consumables, hand phones and such other equipments,
    • Boiler, turbines and pressure vessels against explosion or rupture,
    • Property in erection – dismantling,
    • Money, bullion, precious stones, documents, land, animal, crops, construction plant
    • Losses covered under AMC,
    • Insufficient or incorrect storage of data,
    • Deliberate actions, additional cost of alterations or improvements
    • Non compliance of statutory provisions
    • Pure financial loss, false arrest, detention, mental injury, infringement of rights, fines, penalties and prior losses
    • Willful misconduct, ordinary leakage, wear and tear, insufficiency or unsuitability of packing, delay. Inherent vice, war & allied perils, SRCC & terrorism