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Temporary Total disablement
Disablement suffered following an Accident for a specific period of time.

If goods are stolen by a person who has legal access to the premises, then theft is said to have been committed.

Third party
Any person other than the two parties signing an insurance contract.

The bill of Lading Act,1855
Act defines the character of the bill of lading as an evidence of the contract of carriage of goods between the ship owner and the shipper as an acknowledgement of the receipt of the goods on board of the vessel and as a document of title. The bill of lading is one of the various documents required in connection with settlement of marine cargo claims.

The Carriers Act, 1865
Act defines the rights and liabilities of truck owners or operators who carry goods for public hire in respect of loss or damage to goods carried by them. The act also prescribes the time limit within which notice of loss or damage must be filed with the road carriers.

A civil wrong, other than a breach of contract, for which a court of law will afford legal relied, eg. harming another by an act of negligence in driving an auto.

Travel Accident Policy
A limited contract covering only Accident while an insured person is traveling.

An agreement between a reinsurer and a ceding insurer setting forth details of the reinsurance arrangement.

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