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Package Policy
A combination of two or more individual polices or coverages into a single policy. A householder's policy, for example, is a package combining property, liability and theft coverages for the individual homeowner.

Permanent partial disablement
Permanent loss of use of one hand, one leg and/or one eye to an insured person

Permanent total disablement
The Accident resulting in loss of utility of two limbs (two hands, two legs, two eyes, or a combination of one of each). PTD can be without loss of utility of limbs also, if the injury can result in permanent total disablement such as disfigurement of body or spinal injury etc.

Legal document that has the conditions of the insurance contract.

Policy Excess/deductibles
Amount upto which no claim is paid under a policy.

Policy Period
The period during which a Policy contract affords insurance.

It is the amount paid to secure an insurance policy.

Premium Notice
Notice of a premium due, sent out by the company or one of its agencies to an insured. Synonym for " Renewal Notice".

Professional indemnity
It is a cover granted to professionals covering their legal Liability for any claims arising out of professional misconduct.

It is an offer made to insurer for insurance protection.

Words, sentences, and paragraphs in an insurance contract that specify the terms and limitations of the policy as well as the rights and obligations of the insured and the insurer.

Proximate Cause
It is the active efficient cause which sets in motion a train of events which bring about a result, without the intervention of any force started and working actively from a new independent source.

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