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Dangerous or hazardous goods
These are the goods which are listed in Environmental Protection Act,1986

A decrease in the value of property over a period of time due to wear and tear or obsolescence. Depreciation is used to determine the actual cash value of property at time of loss.

An amount which a policyholder agrees to bear, per claim or per Accident, toward the total amount of an insured loss.

Directors' and Officers' Liability
The exposure of corporate managers to claims from shareholders, government agencies, and employees, and others alleging mismanagement.

A physical impairment that substantially limits major life activities of an individual. It may be partial or total.

Loss of body part (limbs) or use thereof.

Dismemberment Insurance
A form of health insurance that provides payment in case of loss by bodily injury of one or more bodypart (such as hands or feet) or the sight of one or both eyes.

Domiciliary Hospitalization
The patient's house is treated as hospital for hospitalization benefits, when the patient is not in a position to be moved physically or when there is no accommodation in the specialist hospital

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