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Driving without valid Bike Insurance now carries a fine upto ₹2,000.

Bike Insurance

Two Wheeler insurance is a insurance plan that offers coverage for the Two Wheeler for the damages that it can incur during any unforeseen incidents like accident, or any of manmade or natural calamity, Also It is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and the recently passed Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 for all the Two Wheeler drivers to have valid Two Wheeler insurance at all times.

Reasons to buy HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance

Save upto * 70% on your premium

Bid goodbyes to pricey premiums when you can get upto 70% discounts! Why look elsewhere, when amazing quotes are just a click away?

Go Cashless! With 6,800+ Cashless Garages

6800+ Network Garages spread all over the country, isn't that's a huge number? Not just this, we let you register a claim via IPO app & website.

Why Limit your Claims? Go Limitless!

HDFC ERGO opens doors to unlimited claims! Though we believe you've been driving cautiously, however in case of any claim you wish to register, we do not restrict you.

**Overnight Car Repair Service

We repair minor accidental damages from dusk to dawn without any hassle. You can simply get in touch with us; we will get your car picked at night, repair it and deliver it by morning at your door step.

What's Included in Bike Insurance?

Accidental Damage

Any damage caused to your Two Wheeler due to accidents, fire, natural calamities or riots remain covered.


Suddenly if you come to the parking lot to realise that your Two Wheeler has been stolen. Don't worry we cover you against total losses due to accident or theft incidents.

Personal Accident

In case of injuries due to Two Wheeler accidents, we cover all your treatments and make sure you are healthy and lively above anything else.

Third Party Liability

In case your vehicle accidentally caused injuries or damages to the properties of a third person, we offer complete coverage to meet all your legal liabilities. This is a mandatory cover.

What's not included in Bike Insurance?


We do not cover depreciation in the value of the Two Wheeler.

Electrical & Mechanical Breakdown

Any electrical or mechanical breakdowns remain uncovered under our Two Wheeler insurance policy.

Illegal Driving

Your Two Wheeler insurance goes out of action if you do not possess a valid driving license. Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.


Zero Depreciation Cover

Get the Entire Amount With Zero Depreciation Cover!

Usually, insurance policies cover claim amount after the deduction of the depreciation. But, with a zero-depreciation cover, no deductions are made, and you get the entire amount in your hands! The battery costs and tyres do not come under zero depreciation cover though.

Emergency Assisstance Cover

We are here to offer you round-the-clock assistance to deal with emergency breakdown issues. The emergency assistance cover includes minor repairs on site, lost key assistance, duplicate key issue, tyre changes, battery jump starts, fuel tank emptying and towing charges!

FAQ for Bike Insurance

1.What is Two Wheeler Insurance?

Two Wheeler insurance is an insurance policy required to provide protection to your two wheeler against any damage which might result into a financial loss. In addition to it, any third party liability which has arisen due to the use of your Two Wheeler is covered under Two Wheeler insurance. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to buy a Liability only policy without which one cannot use the vehicle on road.

2. What is Comprehensive Insurance plan under Two Wheeler Insurance?

A comprehensive Two Wheeler insurance policy provides protection to your Two Wheeler due to any impact damage, fire, theft, earthquake etc. In addition to this, it provides cover against any third party liability in term of death, bodily injury and third party property damage.

3. Why is Two Wheeler Insurance mandatory in India?

As per the recently enacted Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 and the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is mandatory that all motorists need to have a valid motor insurance at all times.

4.What is Zero Depreciation Cover or a bumper to bumper cover?

Zero depreciation is an add-on cover and has to be purchased by paying additional premium. It offers complete coverage to your two wheeler without factoring into depreciation. For instance, if your vehicle is badly damaged, then you don't need to pay for any depreciation charge and will be eligible for full claim amount subject to terms and conditions of the policy. Applicable for 1 year policy.

5.What penalty would I face if I driving without a valid Two Wheeler insurance policy?

As per recently passed Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019, if you are found driving without a valid motor insurance, then you would be levied a fine of Rs 2,000 or a imprisonment of 3 months on first offence, in event of you offending a second time you could face a fine upto 4000 or could face jail upto 3 months. Also you would have to pay damages to third party from your own pocket. You would also have to bear any damage to your car as you are not having a valid comprehensive cover.