Insurance Portfolio Organizer : Mobile Application - User Manual

Extend / Modify your Travel Insurance Policy

The extension under the policy shall be provided subject to the following conditions:

  • The original policy period has not expired
  • There is no claim on the original policy
  • The sum insured shall not be enhanced
  • Declaration of good health shall be provided by the Insured
  • Extension can be effected multiple times upto a maximum of 360 days from the original policy start date
  • Extension premium has to be paid before actual extension is effected

Below conditions are applicable to modify travel dates.

  • The system will allow to pass this endorsement before policy start date
  • Both the dates i.e. policy start date and end date can be modified
  • New departure date can't be current dated or back dated
  • Reduction in travel days is not allowed
  • If the policy is already incepted, travel dates cannot be changed
  • System will calculate the premium according to new departure date & new return date and any difference in premium need to be collected via online payment
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