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Personal Accident

Start Early in Health Insurance - HDFC ERGO

Dynamics of Healthcare business have undergone an extensive transformation in the last decade. Having a Health Insurance is no more an option today – it is a necessity. 

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A Personal Accident Insurance is a Must - HDFC ERGO

While most people have general understanding of Life Insurance and Health Insurance products, they are generally little informed when it comes to Personal Accident Insurance.

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Personal Accident Policy offers more than a Health Plan - HDFC ERGO

Accidents are unforeseen and inevitable. Such mishaps take only a few seconds to turn life upside down...

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Personal Accident cover is equally important as compared to life and health cover - HDFC ERGO

Most people will have two types of insurance cover: life insurance and health insurance. The purpose of life insurance is to cover the risk of early death...

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Personal accident insurance- an overview - HDFC ERGO

Accidents have a notorious tendency to strike when we are least expecting time. The surprise element of any accident is what makes ...

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How to buy personal accident insurance online ? - HDFC ERGO

Accident happens uninformed. It can occur anywhere, while you are travelling or performing regular...

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Key factors to be considered while buying personal - HDFC ERGO

One must have a constant safeguard against any peril that may befall them or their family members such as sudden illness or an accident. It is the uncertainty of the accidents that makes it such a potent threat to be safeguarded against.

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