HDFC ERGO Venture Capital Asset Protection Brochure

HDFC ERGO’s Venture Capital Asset Protection (VCAP) policy offers your venture capital clients a comprehensive insurance product to assist in transferring and mitigating some of their personal and business risk from these types of exposures.

HDFC ERGO’s Venture Capital Asset Protection (VCAP) policy is a combined product offering:

Management Liability
Management Indemnification
Outside Directorship Liability
Professional Services Liability (errors & omissions) Insurance
All in one policy to help eliminate any gaps in your client’s insurance program.

With our combined VCAP policy, venture capital firms receive true value and one of the broadest policies in the industry. Our policies are designed to keep pace with the changing legal exposures that your clients face. As a result of our experience, we offer you a highly specialized risk transfer solution for your client. The Venture Capital Asset Protection Policy is highly effective at addressing the needs of many types of private investment firms, including:

Venture Capital Funds
Private Equity Funds
Fund of Funds
Mezzanine Debt Funds
Distressed Debt Funds
Small Business Investment Companies
Corporate-Sponsored Funds
Government-Sponsored Funds


The following are automatically included with every VCAP policy:

Management Liability
Management Indemnification
Professional Services Liability
Outside Directorship Liability


Creation of Another Private Fund
Worldwide Scope of Insurance
Advisory Board Liability
Insurance for Securities Actions
Controlling Shareholder Liability
Estates and Legal Representation
Spousal Liability Extension


Our VCAP policy is specifically designed to address those organizational structures typically used by the venture capital industry:

Limited Partnerships
General Partnerships
Limited Liability Partnerships
Limited Liability Companies
Stock Corporations


Our policy offers protection for the firm’s critical contributors including past, present and future:

General Partners
Managing Members
Directors & Officers
Advisory Board Members


1 Broad professional services liability includes:
  Formation, capitalization, operation and management of a private investment fund
  Lenders’ liability for those situations when permanent or temporary credit vehicles are more
    appropriate investments for a portfolio company
  The customary financial and strategic advice given to develop portfolio companies
2   Broad outside directorship liability
  Insurance for outside directorships on not-for-profit or private portfolio companies 30 days’ insurance
    for outside directorships on publicly listed portfolio companies
  Run-off coverage, until the end of the policy period, for insured persons who resign from an
    outside board position
3   Claims made policy form
4   Insured have the right to choose their own legal counsel subject to HDFC ERGO’s approval
5   Advancement of defense costs
6   No prior acts exclusion
7   Severability of all exclusions for insured individuals
8   Extended reporting period available
9   No exclusions or limitations on suits brought by portfolio companies against the venture capital firm,
    its employees or management
10   No exclusions for tortuous interference, intellectual property or antitrust

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*For more details on risk factors, please read the terms & conditions before concluding the sale. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.
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