HDFC ERGO Jewellers Package

Jewellers Package Insurance Policy

Our Jeweller’s Package Insurance Policy covers risk of Gold and valuable’s trade specific risks.

Other than coverage for gold, diamonds and jewellery, it also covers various other properties, like contents comprising furniture, fixtures, interior decorations, documents, personal effects, building, accidental death / disablement risks for employees, glass and sanitary fittings against breakage, liability risk towards public and employees, money in transit and at premises, electronic equipments, neon signs, hoardings, equipments and Consequential Loss (Fire). Policy has been divided into 13 Sections with various items within each Section to provide cover as per your business requirement.

  • Jeweler’s Package Insurance Policy is designed to cover risk of Gold/ valuable’s trade specific risks. Our policy covers the following sections, one or more of which can be chosen by you depending upon the requirement.
  • Stock in Insured Premises Including Goods In Trust Or On Commission.
  • Stock in Custody Including Goods in Trust or On Commission
  • Stock in Transit Including Goods In Trust Or On Commission
  • Stock In Exhibitions Including Goods In Trust Or On Commission
  • Coverage of Building & Assets of the Insured Premises
  • Coverage of Fixed Glass and related fittings in the Insured Premises
  • Coverage of Neon & illuminated Signs, Hoardings at the Insured Premises
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Public Liability at the Insured Premises
  • Coverage of Workmen’s Compensation for workers at the Insured Premises
  • Coverage of Money in transit or at the Insured Premises
  • Consequential Loss (Fire)
  • For a additional premium, the policy can be extended to cover the risk of terrorism.
  • Reinstatement Value / Market value/ Replacement Value - as per section applicable
  • As per Section opted, Premium will depend upon
    • Sum Insured
    • Construction Type
    • Security
    • Coverage
  • The policy is subject to a compulsory excess which depends upon individual section.
  • Opting for a higher voluntary excess qualifies you for a discount on the premium payable.
  • The Standard policy does not cover your business against the following –
    • Willful acts or gross negligence
    • Losses arising in other than Territorial Limits specified in Schedule
    • Destruction/Damage by own fermentation, natural heating or spontaneous combustion
    • Explosion/Implosion damage to boilers, damage caused by centrifugal forces
    • Forest fire
    • War and nuclear group of perils
    • Unspecified precious stones, cheques, currency, documents, etc. unless specifically declared
    • Consequential losses, if not opted
    • Theft during/after operation of peril
    • Terrorism
    • Shortage of Money due to error or omission