Specialty Insurance

Forefront Portfolio Insurance Policy

Small and medium sized companies need special protection to survive the complex threats of litigation and crime. And opting for different individual insurance products for protection is neither convenient nor reassuring.

HDFC ERGO’s Forefront Portfolio is a comprehensive insurance solution offered to small and medium sized companies to help manage their individual and corporate exposures and reduce the potential gaps.

  • Forefront Portfolio is designed to protect small and medium sized companies in the following areas:
  • Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance
  • Protects the Directors and officers against claims resulting from management decisions. Coverage includes:
  • Broad definition of insured persons including executives as well as their spouses, if they are named as co-defendants
  • Automatic cover for new Subsidiaries
  • Insured persons retain the right to defend themselves in the event of any D&O or Outside Directorship Claim
  • Provision of an initial Public offering quotation, Subject to receipt and acceptance of underwriting information
  • Employment Practices Insurance
  • Protects the company, its Directors, officers and employees from claims brought by current, past or prospective employees. Coverage includes:
  • Broad coverage for allegations of discrimination, workplace and sexual harassment, work place torts, retaliatory treatment or other wrongful employment decisions
  • Broad definition of “insured” includes the company and its executives and employees
  • Broad definition of employee includes part-time, casual, temporary and seasonal employees, and volunteers
  • Employee Theft Insurance
  • Protects the company from direct losses resulting from employee theft. Coverage includes:
  • Comprehensive coverage for employee theft
  • Coverage for investigative costs for covered losses
  • Internet Liability Insurance
  • Protects the company against traditional publishing related exposures created by the existence of a company website. Coverage includes:
  • Broad definition of Internet activities
  • Coverage for allegations, such as defamation, libel and slander
  • Trustees Liability Insurance
  • Protects the company, management and employees involved in the management of the Superannuation Fund and the Funds themselves against losses. Coverage includes:
  • Broad definition of insured including its trust funds and trustees
  • Broad wrongful acts definition includes allegations of breach of fiduciary duty & errors & omissions
  • Outside Directorship Liability Insurance
  • Protects the Directors and officers against claims resulting from management decisions at outside entities. Coverage includes:
  • Automatic OdL coverage for not-for-profit organisations
  • Coverage for for-profit organisations that are not traded Publicly, do not have any USA exposure and are not a financial institution
  • Any loss of or damage to property belonging to the Insured or held in trust or on commission for which he is responsible or any part thereof whilst contained in the premises described in the Schedule hereto due to burglary or house-dreaking (theft following upon an actual forcible and violent entry of and/or exit from the premises) or hold-up;
  • Damage caused to the premises resulting from burglary and/or housedreak ing or any attempt thereat, any time during the period of insurance upto 5% of the Sum Insured for all contents.