You carry your all travel need as Baggage. What happens, in event of loss of or damage to Baggage due to accident or personal mishap whilst on journey?

HDFC ERGO’s Baggage Insurance assures protection to you and your family members against this kind of scenario.

  • Our Policy provide cover against loss of Baggage resulting from Fire, Riot and Strike, Terrorist Activity, Theft or Accident, anytime, during travel whilst being carried as accompanied Baggage.
  • Extension for Geographical limit
  • Annual Limit of Transit on actual basis
  • Premium depends upon
    • Sum Insured
    • Geographical limit
    • Transit Nature and details
  • The policy is subject to a compulsory excess as stated in Policy
  • The policy does not cover loss and/or damage due to
  • During routine travel.
  • Damage caused by any process of cleaning, repairing or renovation or deterioration arising from wear and tear etc.
  • Breakage, cracking or scratching of Crockery, Glass, Cameras, Binoculars, lenses and similar articles.
  • Mechanical or electrical derangement/breakdown.
  • Over winding and Denting or internal damage of watches and clocks.
  • Money, securities, Manuscripts, deeds, bonds, Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Stocks or Share Certificates, stamps and travel tickets or travelers’ cheques, business books or documents, weapons and explosives of all kinds
  • Theft from any car except car of fully enclosed saloon type car.
  • Articles of consumable and of perishable nature.
  • Articles such as sticks, Umbrellas etc., property in use on the voyage and or journey, or articles whilst being worn on the person or carried about.
  • War and such other allied perils
  • Delay, detention or confiscation by Customs or other authorities.
  • Nuclear Peril exclusion
  • Consequential Loss or legal liability of any kind.
  • Loss or damage due or contributed to by the insured having caused or suffered anything to be done whereby the risks hereby insured against were unnecessarily increased