Consequences of having an expired Bike insurance

Last year you bought a brand new bike and you’ve also got it insured to ensure it remains protected; after all you have chipped in your hard earned money to buy your beloved bike. However, it is important to understand that buying a bike insurance mere for the first year is not practical as the traffic police may catch hold of you later and charge you a hefty fine if your mandatory insurance has expired. You will end up paying bike insurance expired fine and lose a lot of time in tackling with the traffic police as well. To avoid such financial losses and legal issues it’s better to ensure that your expired bike insurance renewal is done on time.

You can easily renew expired bike insurance online

Yes, though it is always recommended to renew bike insurance before expiry however if you accidently miss renewing your bike insurance you can easily renew expired bike insurance online.

Are you looking for online bike insurance for expired policy?

Let’s understand online bike insurance for expired policy can be renewed.

  • Enter policy no and proceed to fill in the details
  • Pay your premium and your policy gets issued with a 3 days preceding date due to renewal of expired policy. It won’t be effective from that same day.

You can easily renew bike insurance online with HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

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