HDFC ERGO launches Pay for Per Day Travel

Every time you think of visiting a new destination there is certain amount of joy that you experience! The eagerness to explore, thrust to map the untouched destinations and bring back blissful memories, Wander lusting already?

Now, that you are done drooling over the pictures of blue lagoons and untamed mountains, it’s time to pack your bag and set out for the much awaited fun and adventure. But wait, are you really prepared to travel? Bags packed? Flights booked? Hotels booked? Then what’s missing? Hey!! Unfortunately you have missed out on the most important thing, any guesses? Well, it’s your travel buddy none other than travel insurance! Thank us laterfor reminding! Travelling without travel insurance is similar to attempting scuba diving without your oxygen cylinder, yes it’s that important!

HDFC ERGO takes immense proud to announce "Pay per Day for Travel Insurance". This means you pay only for the number of days you travel for. So, if you wish to travel for 1 day for your business meeting then why pay an additional chunk and get a cover for 5-7 days? Keep that extra bucks for buying goodies back home. You can do all this at your fingertips while sipping-in your favourite coffee; it’s that convenient and easy to do! Thanks to HDFC ERGO online travel insurance, we go digital and make insurance buying a happy thing to do.

HDFC ERGO Travel insurance is your travel buddy who protects you, your belongings, your friends and family under a single policy. Isn’t that great? With paperless transactions and zero documentation, you can simply buy a travel insurance policy for your international trip and say a big NO to Loss of baggage, flight delays, and accidental hospitalization expenses. With all this, all you can expect out of your trip is bag full of pleasant surprises only!!! And, how about getting all this at an affordable premium, sounds like cherry on the cake? Well, there’s lot more to offer, to read more click here

Leave behind the worries and let us take care of all that travel mess which might disturb your travel plans, we’ll be happy to assist. Delighting travellers and ensuring to insure your travel related risks is possibly the best way we could serve you. Choose us as your travel companion and keep exploring!

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