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Health Wallet - Key Benefits

Out-of-pocket medical expenses account for 62% of all healthcare costs in India. Pay freely for your out-of-pocket expenses with unique reserve benefit of Health Wallet. Use the Reserve Benefit to pay for: Consultations with a medical practitioner, Outpatient diagnostic tests, Purchase of special health food supplements, Non-payable items that are generally excluded from claim, Co-payment and/or deductible Use it as you want! (Please refer to the policy wordings for complete understanding of Reserve benefit) Also, you may choose to accrue the un-utilized Reserve Benefit from every policy year to cushion the impact of spiraling healthcare costs in old age. This accrued amount earns a bonus of 6% that you can use to pay up to 50% of your renewal premium, post 5 continuous renewals.
Your sum insured would be restored by 100%, in case you exhaust your sum insured. For example, if you have cover of 10L and you claim 10L out of it in the first month itself, then your sum insured would be restored by 10L that can be used in the remaining policy year.
Health Wallet comes with an amazing feature called Multiplier Benefit of up to 100%. In case of a claim free year, your basic sum insured will increase by 50% at the time of renewal. And if you do not claim even in the 2nd policy year, your basic sum insured gets doubled.
To cater to incidental expenses, Health Wallet offers you a lump sum amount of `10,000 in case your hospital stay exceeds 10 continuous days.
Have a health insurance cover already? Deductible Option with Health Wallet makes it a win-win with Health Wallet. This means all benefits that you can have at low premium. Deductible is cost sharing feature. It means that the insured takes care of his healthcare costs upto the deductible amount in the policy year by himself or through another existing policy. All Healthcare expenses beyond the deductible amount will be covered by us. The deductible will apply on Individual basis in case of individual sum insured policy and on Family Floater basis in case of Family Floater policy. If opted, it will apply to all insured person(s) under the policy.

List of exclusions under Health Wallet are as follows:

  • Expenses arising from HIV or AIDS and related diseases.
  • External Congenital diseases, mental disorder or insanity, cosmetic surgery and weight control treatments.
  • Expense attributable directly or indirectly to pregnancy (including voluntary termination), miscarriage (except as a result of an accident or illness).
  • Abuse of intoxicant or hallucinogenic substances like intoxicating drugs and alcohol.
  • Drugs or treatments which are not supported by a prescription.
  • Hospitalization due to war or an act of war or due to a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon and radiation of any kind.
  • Pregnancy, dental treatment, external aids and appliances.
  • Items of personal comfort and convenience.
  • Experimental, investigative and unproven treatment devices and pharmacological regimens.
  • Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery unless necessary as a part of medically necessary treatment.

Please refer to the policy wordings for complete understanding of benefits, terms and conditions and exclusions.

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WE PAY CLAIMS: We have been catering to diversified customer needs by offering health insurance plans as per the age and budget requirements since last 16 years.

Buying a health insurance policy online helps in keeping your health records confidential as you don’t have to disclose the same to someone in person. Also, you can fill all the details and medical history information, which leaves no room for errors.

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